Compensation for Icebox+Artemis PVP

Dear devs! You are made a bug. Himself. Again. And many-many fair players now must suffer from this. So, compensate rewards for all who don’t used bugged Artemis score bug and take back rewards from all who used this. This is will be atleast fair action for loyal players. You like said pretty much big words about how you love your players and how bad if someone used any kind of cheats, but now this look like completely vice versa – fair players suffer, cheaters prevail and laught on everybody.

For example, in another canadian game – Marvel: Contest of Champions all bugousers got term ban from week till month. And this keep majority of players from use of any bug if this happens.

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So my understanding is that you say there was a bug, and you want compensation for people that didn’t use this “bug” and something about getting a temp ban?


I really don’t understand this post lol


Demanding compensation isn’t the way to go, if you didn’t abuse the bug, then good, you shouldn’t be demanding a prize. Last I check, HHG doesn’t own Marvel Contest, so they run things and make their own decisions


Peoples missed abusing a bug now start whining about that. This is priceless.

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Peoples who don’t use (not don’t miss, lol) a bug don’t get their rewards because bugusers get all top.

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