PvP has become more aggravation than it's worth

Why is it that the devs cannot put you up against a team without mandrAke or flatline!?! I counted after about six in a row today. 27 teams in a row with mandrAke flatline and ifrit. Should those of us who have seven plus platinum heroes just play our silvers and bronzes to get wins? This is totally ridiculous. Figure out a way to make fair fights PLEASE! If I am not using a mandrAke don’t put me up against one wtf!?! Is it that difficult???

Uhuh… have you even considered… that people use them frequently for a reason? They’re good support heroes that do their jobs well, and they have many counters. It’s not like they make other heroes impervious to damage, and if you hate facing them that much play at a lower level.

Or better yet use a counter to them. mandrAke is easily countered by a smart and aware player and also by Ifrit. There are also so many good mech DPS’s that flat isn’t even a problem for me, just a guaranteed 20 pvp gems when I face her.

So dude, wtf!?! Is it that difficult???

Also, I would like to ask another question of you. What exactly is a “fair fight”? You never quite define or give an example on what you would consider “fair”. If you decide to plat fischer but realize he’s garbage, is it unfair to you that someone made a smart decision to plat flatline instead, and now you’re facing the repercussion of that in PvP?

I would like to hear how you would MAKE PVP GREAT AGAIN.

I do see you posted a “solution”, so let’s analyze that next.

Also, this solution is very flawed. You are basically calling for us to ONLY fight carbon copy teams, which I am sure there have never been in PvP. Is your plat fischer only allowed to go up against another plat fischer? Are we not allowed to have variety in our fights? PvP will always be 50/50, 50% odds of winning. Don’t be salty that you odds are not 100%.

Sorry if I sound aggressive here I’m just so fucking sick and tired of all these PvP whiners who cannot construct a proper argument.

The “If I dont use X hero, dont put me up against them” is the “totally ridiculous” thing.

It would mean that you can only fight the same exact team over and over, since the rival player could only use the 5 heroes you are using.

Mandrake is not even a big threat anymore due to the interaction of invisibility with Marked. Bring some heroes that can mark, like Gale, Ifrit or Wesson and you should be fine.

I agree that resurrection heroes shouldn’t be a thing, though. Not because they are hard to deal with, or unbalanced. Just because they are a massive pain. Whenever I see a enemy team without Flatline or Ifrit Im happy.

I get where he’s going. It’s maddening that every fight from plat to gold is against the same 7-10 heroes. Obviously people will run their best team. It just sucks when you’re running crappy golds that pretty much only have a 50/50 chance of winning against somebody else’s ad hoc teams, but the other guy is running his A-team. And yes, it’s still technically a 50/50 chance to win but we all know that if he’s running 5 starters and you’re running 5 back benchers, your odds are nowhere near 50/50.

The solution…HHG needs to make the other 45-50 or so mediocre to crappy heroes better. Or as a player, start a new account and never go past gold for any of your heroes and most never past silver.

Mandrake is a pain in every butt if you’re playing PVP on auto because your AI team will go completely major confuse when he makes an enemy invisible. Don’t play PVP on auto if this is a problem. If you control your hero and pay attention you can still see the invisible enemy as a blurring effect and you can still shoot them.

More heroes should be viable pvp choises. I agree that fighting the same heroes over and over again is frustrating. Yes I use them myself and often they are easy wins, but is never fun. That I have with my non standard team against another non standard team.

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Ok I think the first commenter is just being a jerk. Whoever mentioned a platinum Fischer? I have nine plat heroes. They are panzer odachi maven matador ifrit flatline mandrake Ryker and dogface. I do understand how the game is played. It’s not about anything other than switching it up now and then. When you go up against 22 straight mandrake and flatline teams it annoying PERIOD. Why have sixty plus heroes if PvP tourneys are all going to be going against the same twelve heroes? And I don’t get paid to make solutions, I pay to play. And since no one has infinite lives, we are all going to go up against mandrake or ifrit or whoever when we have already used our’s hearts. Point remains the same that you should never face twenty plus matches in a row against the same two or three heroes. And what exactly would be so terrible about mirror matches? If you ask me there should be an option for exactly that. But I was just very frustrated that I had faced 20+ of the same hero matches. Honestly I usually win seven to ten with my team. Big deal. I still want some variety. And PvP shouldn’t have to boil down to don’t use auto. I will use auto whenever I feel like it. I didn’t bring this issue up to have other players b**** at me for not doing what they would do. I brought it up in hopes that the devs might offer up something… Anything. Most of the time I burn thru my 200+ PvP hearts and in the end I can’t complain about my spot. But that day I was vulnerable and frustrated. EXCUSE ME!

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No I never did consider that… I just thought everyone platinumed Fischer the moment they unlocked him. Keep talking to me like I am an idiot. Did you ever consider that your snotty responses offer nothing to anyone but yourself?