The META is getting tiring

These people (developers or anyone that’s involved in this game’s design) know every stat down to the single shotgun pellet and how much damage and how much range it has, and i’ve even seen crates that specifically state “the most popular pvp players”, and you’re telling me they don’t NOTICE that the meta line up wins 100% of its matches against any team besides another meta? i know i use the meta and have NEVER lost (bot or person) to any team that isn’t the meta. i have plenty of friendships in this game i’ve developed despite them blocking my ability to chat, i have to use a separate app just to talk to people (obvious why), and everyone uses the meta, because they can’t compete with the other meta teams if they don’t! and no one enjoys playing a game that they lose, no one. why can’t they nerf these heroes or the aspects that make them necessary. can anyone imagine the game without mandrake?! without having your team turn invisible before dying so AI can’t kill you and people have trouble finding you to kill you. i’m just saying it would be nice to play with the other 60 heroes available without having to get my ass kicked every other match by a meta team. idk what meta means i’m just regurgitating a word i’ve heard ppl use lol… but seriously, everyone uses the new hero because you literally make us with the 30x multiplier lol… if you think a new hero is popular cuz of all the people that get him and upgrade him when released then you’re a joke, because the second you take all the event multipliers away the new hero is never touched again by anyone. so none of these new heroes are a success and anyone defending them is a liar that doesn’t use him in pvp after his faction month ends.

just frustrated that i can’t use any other hero, out of all 67 there’s 7 you can use, and enjoy pvp, and i know they have the stats that show this and yet no matter how much people rant they don’t do anything. maybe that’s why forged fantasy is so much better at pvp, there’s no meta and people have an even playing ground with multiple team compositions. a new team comp in this game is switching mauler for ronin, and then you feel like you actually switched teams when in reality 80% of your team is the same and you don’t change it cuz you hate losing.


Tldr: “just nerf the game!”

This just sounds like crying. The game is easily 10x better than it was a year ago.

Remember when a solo dogface/panzer would wipe the entire team? Or when gammond’s kill shot could 1 shot anyone? Theres no 5 healer meta, bullshit fortress/razor, no op night, and mandrake is fine after his dozens of nerfs. The meta is in a pretty good spot right now with a number of viable teams and hero combos that all work well together.


“idk what meta means i’m just regurgitating a word i’ve heard ppl use lol…”

You openly admit to not having a clue what you’re talking about.


I play different teams than the meta and still win against the meta. I’m not even sure what it is atm. Mauler, Mandrake, Flatline, Halo, Caine? Or Ronin with underdeveloped sidekicks?
Many are playing teams without one of these heroes. As @Gruff_McTuff said, there are more viable heroes than ever.

If you like forged fantasy better, then go play it, no one hinders you :wink:


You make it so difficult to read.

And I don’t know why we could speak trough PM’s if you can’t chat, but that’s off topic I guess.

I have some fun teams that use 0 meta hero’s, I also have a fun team using jarek, he’s slaughtering everyone in that team meta or not.

Maybe give some other hero’s a shot, there is more out there then just a ronin or mauler team, not saying you will win 90% with them but I have a high win ratio.

When I’m lazy or don’t have a lot of time I use ronin for a few quick matches to get some frags, but otherwise I enjoy playing other hero more to test new things out.

Good luck


I usually use Clyde Butter Min Phalanx Castellan. It’s not about the meta or nerf heroes. It’s about how you know how to combine them. Ronin was never known good at pvp until People Guard month. And thanks to that month, Ronin became new meta. I can use about 30 heroes( because some gold, some silver). Forged Fantasy is just new. I dont like its pvp. So boring. You can throw your phone, let it auto play and do something else, sometimes, no a lot time I met bot. That’s why I gave up FF. They are so boring. That’s my oppinion.

This is such a difficult conversion to have considering the multitude of variables at play at any given time. Pvp isn’t set in this nicely wrapped box where one person experience fits all.

Skills, grade, levels, team composition, lag, opponents own skill, power bracket, etc etc- just to name a few are always affecting outcomes each match.

One thing that is universally true is the devs do make attempts at adjusting the dynamics each update and this game (specifically for pvp) is more diverse than I can remember.

Everyone’s experience should be different based off the variables above. To say everyone runs the meta and you lose to everyone who runs such meta is also false. Win or lose, it’s just a game. Side note, I don’t even use halo, mauler, ronin etc etc. But I made the conscious decision to rank off my own preferences. And losing is just part of the pvp experience.


I think i have to comment on Maulers invisibility cloak.
Like, Maulers invisibility cloak?!

He’s obviously talking about Mandrake, and of course you knew that already.

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I’m referencing his gold passive skill. Unless you are going to provide helpful feedback, ideas, or strategies to the problem I described above, don’t bother replying if you’re just going to criticize me for the way I describe things.

I mean no offense, but the answer is actually pretty simple. Kill flat first, when she goes invisible if u can’t hit her or she runs she’s protected go for Drake. He’s front line so he should be taking brunt anyway. If ur worried abt butter, run Panzer plus another DPS then fill w support and unload on butter first w Panzer he will die fast even with flat and drake. And now flat is half health, use other dps to kill her.

But yes, Meta Dps, Flat, Drake plus two support is the meta. Until new revive hero hits the scene or a new heal block skill is implemented… Not much u can do other than build those heroes…

I think he teased you for putting the wrong name in the post. Mauler doesn’t have invisibility but Mandrake does. Don’t read too much into his comment and don’t add to the fire.
I confuse Savage and Surge quite often. :smiley:
Personally I blast Mandrake out of the way ASAP, his invisibility thing is too much for me to handle later in the match. After he’s down (he’s tough to take down) I go for Flatline. Should she manage to revive Mandrake I go for him again, she often revives a hero with little-to-none-health.

Any way, I think this thread is gonna get closed due to being reanimated from the pit of dead threads.