PvP in 70k+ Brackets


I am currently grinding pvp in the 65k or so bracket and winning 50 games or so without spending gold, which is pretty much my target.

My question(s), what is pvp like in the higher levels? Should I stay where I am?

I know a lot of people sandbag in the 55k region and others use x2,x3 10* 5Bar teams in the 60k region, but im asking about full teams of hardcore established players, where are they? 70k, 80k? 90k?

Id like to keep starring and barring my team but am worried about hitting the established “pros”.


Once u get over 90k, sandbagging no longer applies. And depending on your overall power level and team comp, 50 wins won’t get you very far in terms of rank. For Mythic, you usually have to do 150m or more to get top 25, so 150 - 300 wins. So I guess it depends.

Ok… let me ask it a differently…

So in your experience, is 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k much different in terms of difficulty or teams you come against or is it pretty much the same no matter the power?

And if not the same, which power bracket is “toughest” to farm wins?

And by bracket i dint mean challenger, mythic etc, i mean 60-70k, 70-80k etc


Hard to answer that bud. My experience was as I moved up in team power I faced better opponents but that’s not to say it’s the same now, it would all depend on who is in that bracket currently. 90k plus you’ll be facing alot more Kurtz and 10star 5 bar maxed can have a 10-15k difference just because of hero max power. But it also has alot more bots…so doesn’t seem like I’m gonna be much help😂.

So according to one of my fellow alliance members, yes it is easier the lower you are in team power.

Yeah, but my question is specifically around the higher power brackets… nvm. Thanks.

Well ok… Let me rephrase and say the exact same thing… The higher in team power the harder it is.

RoZin was just helping Monobrow, no need to get sour. I appreciate the input RoZin. It’s a given the more you progress you will play more active and dedicated players are. If you want to experience all of Hero hunters you shouldn’t limit yourself just to PvP. Better to challenge yourself and grow, instead of staying in a box. Best of luck :slight_smile:

If you bothered to read the original question… I actually asked…

“…About full teams of hardcore established players, where are they? 70k, 80k? 90k?”

And his response, paraphrased perhaps badly was “ it gets harder the higher up you are”. Which in no way answered my question…

So, yeah. Thank you very much for your input also.

And on what basis can you say that I have not experienced the rest of the game? Please provide your evidence of this.


Keep it classy, guys.

You’re welcome broski. I never said you haven’t experienced the game, this is a forum. Other people reach out here for help. Best of luck

In the higher levels you get people who purposely don’t level their hero’s. They add stars and bars to them but won’t level them up. It’s the technique that so many use.

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