We need a new pvp bracket for God’s sake

Man pvp used to be fun when we had almost the same powers competing, as players grow in power, more brackets ware released now we’re stuck at legendary where 1.6m total with plat is competing against 3m With ruby, makes no sense lol. I speak for everyone when I say we want a new pvp bracket. Ty


Yes. This is a very good point. Legendary bracket is too congested . The rewards really suck compared to the previous bracket caz 1.5 mil+ players are competing with 3 mil + power players in a single bracket.

More pvp bracket divisions with rewards adjustment needed .


Totally agree. I’ve stopped leveling up heroes because I’m only level 91 but almost 1.5mil power. There’s no way I can compete with full ruby teams in Legendary bracket so I feel like I’m stuck. I really want to level up my new heroes but can’t risk going over 1.5mil power. The other brackets cover power ranges from 99k to 250k and then you have legendary that has a 1.5million+ range. That doesn’t make sense.

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Is it easy to reach 250k from 99k or 1.7m from 1.5m?
Bracket will keep changing in future for sure, but, not on the basis of complaints I guess.
Devs might be more interested on stats rather than one’s personal experience.

When DECA has gotten used to the game and they’ll be adding new stuff i’ll be sure to push this towards them

What stats? dfkm
50% of active players are literally legendary players

That’s impressive, wondering from where did you get this data of 50%. Cuz talking about most congested bracket then it might be 0-99k bracket. Elaborate to be more specific.

And Thank you Sir @Robert_Pronk ,it couldn’t be possible without your support, keep your blessings upon the community as it is:)

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Active** not dead brackets

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