PVP is becoming extremely frustrating

Listen, I dont want to song like a broken record but you guys need to seriously do something about Min/Maxing. I enjoy playing PVP and trying out new line-up to see which heroes compliment each other but its becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating to do so when 4 out 5 teams are running PLAT 7* - 10* Ronin with four (4) Gold (sometimes silver) heroes. It’s even more frustrating to know that persons are just utilizing Ronins ability and playing on auto. It’s really exhausting and a huge turn off; to say the least. PLEASE FIX IT!

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there are countless threads made about pvp. sounds like people are exploiting things but that will change once a nerf happens.


I’ve faced those forms. It’s not that hard. Just either take out all the weaks one first so he doesn’t get buffed or take him out first. It’s possible. I’ve done it plenty of times

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I’m not sure anything will be done about Min Maxing to be honest. This has been going on for several months that many players that I know are starting to think that this style of play is condoned and encouraged by the developers at Hot Head Games. If you look at things objectively it kinda of makes sense.

  1. Nothing had been done to fix the issue for several months: It’s actually gotten worse since they created another Over Powered Hero Kurtz who will also be used in a Min Max style play.

  2. When you win with a Min Max Team you get Extra tournament points while using less resources since you only need 1 Plat Ronin and 4 gold or silver. Way cheaper to level compared to a 5 plat team

  3. Even regular PvP is off you need only to look at the fourms to see post that show a 24k difference in Power causing players to have a forced loss, but this could be by design as I found out here

This has been posted so many times before and does not need an entirely new thread…

Are you the thread police? I was simply expressing my frustration with PVP

I’m a user that enjoys using the forum in its intended way and this useless repeat post infringes on that while breaking the rules of the site.

Hey Hunters,

We’ve received this feedback previously and are aware of the overall player sentiment regarding PVP.

We appreciate the passion you have for the game, but opening duplicate topics about PVP is repetitive and not necessary. Make sure to check for previous posts to see if topics have already been addressed as per our FAQ/Guidelines.

Thanks! :sun_with_face:

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