PVP Loadouts

I started making a document that put all my heroes into designated PVP teams, so that when I am PVP’ing I can get the best bang for my buck so to speak. So essentially, the idea is to create the best synergies, but without using the same hero twice. Obviously the ones at the bottom are kind of sucky-leftover teams. Thoughts? Suggestions? Discussion? Questions?

Undying Heal Blockers: Nightingale, Sapphyre, Dogface, Callidus, Mandrake
Cover Breakers: Matador, Cinder, Ryker, Keel, Baron
Lightning Storm: Savage, Galante, Mauler, Ifrit, Halo
UAF United: Butter, Hivemind, Wesson, Halloway, Oracle
Powerplay Blitz: Panzer, Clyde, Heckler, Kaishi, Phalanx
Kunoichi-Stun: Kuniochi, Odachi, Shank, Bucket, Flatline
Crit Hit Vampires: Moss, Caine, Beck, Commando, Gammond
Keep Castellan Alive: Castellan, Razorback, Operator, Francois, Fortress
Ronin’s Honorbound: Ronin, Pris, Astrix, Siren, Hideo
Mass Traps: Ghoul, Chesterfield, Hardscope, Oro, Scum
Untitled: Xianjiu, Min, Cross, Kobold, Richter
Untitled: Phoenix, Anvil, Yeager, Yanlong, Steele
Untitled: Bolt, Briar, Surge, Sentry, Cast
Untitled: Maven, Vanguard, Salvatore, Jarek, Lancer

Unused: Elite Rifleman, Carabina
Unowned: Shivs, Fischer, Heimlock, Alvarez, Kurtz, Artemis, Phophet, Brogan


i think siren should be in lightning storm.


I think you’re putting too much work into a theme at the expense of overall team composition. It’s good to have characters that have synergy, but if you don’t surround them with enough support, everyone’s going to die before those synergies pay off. I’d build out maybe 2 distinct teams that you have a high win rate with, rather than building out 10 that you win sometimes with.


Grasher, I agree.

I don’t think I explained myself well. The team at the top is my favorite/winningest team. People may doubt that a team of that composition is not pure fluff/theme, but it’s not.

I’d say the first 3 teams really are what you suggest (i.e. the best teams I can muster IMO), but naturally as we go farther and farther down the list, that’s not really true – i.e. the teams’ ability becomes more and more strained / limited by the heroes available.

But there’s finite lives in PVP, so we can’t put the best possible composition into every match. This is my attempt to make the best of the leftovers so to speak. Please don’t get me wrong, the objective is definitely to get the most wins in a 24 hour period as possible, and that means making 2-3 best teams, followed by next best available teams.

Siren is definitely a good synergy there, I considered that. My personal preference though… I like the elemental DPS diversity in Lightning Storm with someone who is not Blue/Energy (like Halo).

Still hoping for more feedback/discussion though.

ummmmmm. Isnt Siren a Energy? if im wrong

For the first team, my main issue is that Callidus and Night have an anti-synergy, in that Callidus’ plat will consistently hurt everyone so Night’s plat (maybe her best skill) doesn’t trigger. My second issue is that your real protection comes via Mandrake, who is susceptible to energy damagers (e.g. Ronin), and you don’t have a quickfire mech to take those guys out. I’d probably switch Dog out for Panzer to give you a better shot at keeping Drake alive.

I’m running a similar team on cover breaking. I havent gotten a plat Cinder yet but I’m curious as to how she’ll handle. I like this team conceptually, but it takes a while to get going, and when you’ve finally broken enough cover to make Cinder powerful, you’ve run out of the cover that you need to break to power Keel’s gold. I bet this team struggles against teams that throw up big energy shields, like the Butter/Castellan teams that are pretty popular right now. In my version of this team, I just use Baron and Keel to get early healing, and I fill the rest of the void with Heimlock and DPS.

For your third team, I’ve run some similar teams, but the problem is that anyone who knows anything knows that this whole team relies on Halo. Kill her quick (which isn’t hard), and everything falls apart. It’s all synergy, no support.

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Grasher, now we have a great discussion :slight_smile:

Re: “Callidus’ plat will consistently hurt everyone so Night’s plat doesn’t trigger,” Callidus’ plat doesn’t stream constant damage to all your allies, just one at a time, then it switches to another. So the Night plat still always going off on 4/5 allies. Callidus’ plat actually makes the counter to Night’s plat (which is focus fire) not work as well because it forces damage diffusion to happen.

I try to do with Dogface what you say to do with Panzer, but I haven’t tried Panzer. Maybe that’s better. The Callidus taunt though does act to prevent AI fire on mandrake.

Cinder’s plat (level 90, with 10 covers broken) is a massive damage buff (lots of fun, FYI). But you are correct about everything else you said, it’s not good until late, and by that time no more Keel gold. Struggles in certain matchups.

Most ppl focus either the Savage or the Ifrit in the Lightning team in my experience.

Thank you Grasher, I think our discussion here is very good.

Corrupted Spirit: yes, I was saying Halo and Siren are both energy, so I’d rather not have Siren and have elemental diversity.

You really only need 2 or 3 teams of your best, plus whatever bonus hero. Pay gold to revive them. You should use every revive each 12hr wave of pvp event. You’ll make the gold back from pvp crates. Good luck!

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Anyone have tried the Ronin’s honorbound with this party: Ronin, Halo, Halloway, Hivemind, Xianju? Is it true, that Halloways 3 clones and 4 Hive’s drones also Xianju’s Cloning, will always trigger Ronin’s honorbound and Halo’s lightning?

I know this is probably off-topic here, but don’t you think it would be cool to have the possiblility, like we have in other games, to save like 3 or 5 different loadouts for pvp teams so we don’t have to be picking heroes everyday and for every event?
Again, sorry for the intrusion


TrialZee: I think it does work. I’ve seen drones trigger Halo, so I assume clones do as well. Sadly, my Ronin is not Platinum yet so I don’t know.

SjavroKA: You should start that thread man, really! I have been thinking that for a long time. I would really love if they did that.

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Can tell u for a fact that clones do not trigger Halo. Afaik all clones do not trigger anything. Only Hive. They’re inferior in every way. They dont last every wave and they dont activate her plat. Useless. Not sure about Castellan’s turret. But i dont think so either. Perhaps only the missile special atk but not the base guns.

I can also curb stomp all 3 of your top teams 3 x (9 straight wins) with 1 team easily. Just make 1 good team and swap out the DPS and healers as needed and that will get u much better mileage.

Find me and challenge me in game sometime curb-stomper. I’m Rybread28.

What SSS and Chronic seem to be saying is, play with essentially one (maybe 3) team/s, and stop if/when you run out of gold/revives. But that doesn’t sound as fun; and requires reinvesting of gold into revives rather than on hero upgrades; plus, you’re gonna run out of revives eventually right?

Does nobody want to even think of playing with tier-2 and tier-3 teams?

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I like to build lesser used heroes into good teams, but I don’t like playing teams that lose a lot.

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here comes a challange

Not jabbing you grasher, but what I like to do is to make as much progress upgrading my heroes every day as I can, and that’s what the above seeks to accomplish, which is why I try to make the best tier-2 and also tier-3 teams that I can.

I hear that. I’m trying to get most of my roster to 6 star plat, which in theory would give me some tier 2 and 3 teams, but I find myself incredibly annoyed when I field a team that loses to a badly constructed team.

I tried here, but was instantly flagged as spam and closed by Muninn. So nothing else to say

I still think this team is pretty good :wink:

I had to use Saph during the last faction fights, and I gotta say, her heal block is so handy. It completely changes what damage means. And the fact that she triggers Flat’s gold but doesn’t let the target heal is the best Flat counter I’ve seen. She definitely struggles when the other team has a big shield, though.

What do you think your win rate is with that team? I feel like you’re weak to Ronin teams, but with that much heal blocking it’s almost always going to cost hearts to take down your team.