Pvp matchmaking broken?

Why am i getting matched with teams 6-10k stronger? Not using mismatched teams…

It’s because your Mauler is twice as strong as Moss, the matchmaking system thinks you are cheating and for that you are punished.
Try to balance your team, that’ll make your matchups more balanced as well.

Matchmaking is working splendidly.

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I understand what your saying and it makes sense but i say they need to fix something if i cant bring these kind of busted ass teams without getting penalized.

Please no. People abusing the matchmaking system is a massive problem right now. What you’re asking for will make things infinitely worse. There is a very good reason that imbalanced teams get penalized. People try to cheat the system and bring one very strong DPS hero alongside low power support. I’m not saying that’s what you’re intentionally doing here… but I kinda am.

In nearly every scenario you posted, mauler is 2x or about 1.5x stronger than at least one other hero. He’s 2x moss’ power, 1.5x stronger than savage and phalanx, and not to mention 8 star plat+2. Also, a 10 star dogface with a 5 star phalanx? Not a great idea. Your mandrake wasn’t even platted on that one matchup. Perhaps try using a weaker DPS or stronger support. I try to keep all my pvp teams within the same star level give or take 1, all gold or platinum, and close levels. I’ve never been penalized so far.

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