Pvp miss match

I get that, and I don’t think anyone wants to wait more than a minute or two max for a match up. However, isn’t there a way to ensure that if you are sand bagging or your team is more uneven than someone else, they are always the person punished?

I often see really lopsided teams where there is a 5k+ power difference between the lowest and strongest hero, yet they are only 1-2k difference from their opponent’s team power. Sometimes they even have the team power advantage.

For instance the OP in this post was facing a team only 1400 points lower than his own. His highest hero was only 4k higher than the lowest while his opponent’s was a staggering 8300. For a difference of that much, why isn’t there an an algorithm that put’s the sandbagger/min/maxer that is 67k against players that are in the 70k power range? Start off at 70 and continually move up until a player is found. Instead it seems the system looks on both ends of the spectrum, and will actually face him against people lower power, but who have better balanced teams.

That’s not exactly accurate, but I can understand that perception of the system, and what you’re expressing.

I will say again, though, that if something seems easy or simple or a no-brainer, it’s definitely not.

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If there isn’t a match initially, what’s wrong with an AI controlled team? We get them now, so why not set it up to face them in any time there’s no comparable match? There was a time where you might even face yourself. I enjoyed these battles and wouldn’t mind doing them again.

Then it would be extremely easy to game events by floating at a power level where you always get bots, which are easier to beat.

There’s a reason for everything.

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I understand the more closely you parameter the search for pvp match the longer it takes to find that match.

However the current system often results in being matched with someone purposely using an imbalanced team 10* 5 plat with low star gold char meaning you often dead before match starts. The recent changes to Ronin have helped but as I said it’s not the character/hero at fault as Ronin in a balanced team was strong but could be countered. Its using high chars with low chars that this issue is still with as other heros are now being used in robins place.

So although the wait time at the moment is short it still often a waste of time. I’d rather waited an extra 10sec or so to get a better match of teams. Maybe set a search option Quick / medium / high to pvp in team setup then if we want a quick team up we get what we get where a high match might make us wait a minute. The choice is then ours somewhat.

Thanks for the feedback! I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to devote dev time to such a granular solution, but I’ll pass your thoughts on.

I am just gonna leave this here because idk what happened, maybe my halo being a star extra thought it was equal to a 5 bar kuno lol :joy:

The matchmaking is absolutely ridiculous. Bars and Level mean jack shit in this game… Stars are WAY TOO powerful… there is a whole lot of tweaking necessary. It should simply not be possible for someone with level 71 heros to take down someone that has level 90 heros just because one has 3 10* in their team… It’s outright rigged to be unfair this way…

Bars don’t have as big of an impact on your team power. They also aren’t punished as severely. Look at the opponent’s 5 bar Kuno. She is only 15.8k power compared to your 9 bar Halo who is 14,1500. This is also another reason Ronin is so deadly. Not only does he boost all the lower power allies, he is extremely potent at 4-5 bars and 7-9*.

The one I lost I don’t get how we match up maybe it’s because they didn’t level skills or something

I’m level only level 54 on this account btw this is garbage matching

This threads over a year old lol @Muninn