27000 vs 72000?!

I generally tend to get matched against people 2k or 3k within my power level but 2 days ago I got matched to a player with 72k power when my power is 27k! Needless to say I was immediately pulverized.

Is the matching system truly this bad to allow this blatant abuse? Was the guy cheating?!


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wow, this is so weird, I dont think this guy is cheating, I can say that guy was surprised of this matchmaking either

This is an exceptionally odd case and most probably a glitch.

Now this deserves an F for respects

Agreed with @ULFPAM, this looks like the result of a bug. I haven’t heard of this happening since the huge matchmaking glitch a few months ago.

Dyslexic matchmaking that got your 2 and 7 mixed up? Thought you were 72,168? :joy:


Lol. That’s what I was thinking.
I’ll bet Scruge McDuck got a good laugh out of that one.

This one is bad luck, I had a 7k mismatch yesterday in my benefit, but this rarely happens in my experience, the biggest problem is 10* with plat bars(mostly a panzer) paired with 5-7* plat/gold hero’s

This is not your case though, I hope this won’t happen again for you

I am surprised the yes-men aren’t here blindly defending Hot Head as always.

I’m not surprised the bitter boi is here to be bitter and state thing that aim to create a storm as usual. Not falling for that. You did, however, necro an old thread and for that I’m reporting the comment.

(I am not sure that the time limit is for “necro” but I think it’s 2 weeks since the latest post. If I’m wrong and it’s actually a month - and this isn’t a case of necroing, I apologise for reporting your comment)


Are the yes-men a partner fraction of no Ma´am?

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I’m just glad the editor title got removed so that he can’t use that as an excuse haha

I wish I could have the title “Yes-man” as Arne called us (me included I think?).

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That would be great, would take that for sure :grin:

Closing this. Let’s keep things classy.