Problems with PvP & Old Players

have you ever noticed in PvP that the player you are fighting against is not in any alliance?
has a name like “Local” or “WhatYouSay” or “NoOneLikesTacos” ?
his team has heroes that no one else uses at that power level? scum? castellan? really???

i guess you are fighting against a noob, easy win for you, congratulations - job well done.

many of you already know this, but for the rest of you - you are fighting against AI, an NPC, a computer - and we all know the AI on this game sucks.

after today’s april update, there was a period when some players had already updated, and some hadnt.

i believe this caused an issue of not enough players doing PvP, resulting in a lot of matches against AI.

theres 2 points to keep in mind here

  1. the game pits you against AI when there are no players online within your power range.
  2. beating AI for any good player is a piece of cake - rarely losing any hero lives.

obviously it would be preferable to play against AI
actually if I could, i would choose to play only against AI and never against another human as that would mean i get easy wins.

BUT, i would not want everyone else to have that advantage, if they did then how will I rank and be near the top?

this is where the second part of my post comes in: Old Players

if you go on youtube, there is a player who is consistently in the top 10 of PvP and shares a lot of his videos online for people to see and learn.

thing is, I dont see how his team would be scary, I mean if i met that team in my power bracket, I would quite fancy my chances against it, yet he clearly seldom loses or he would not be so highly rated in PvP

so what gives? the answer is quite simple
his team power is approx. 45k
how many players can match that? so he almost always gets to play against AI - easy wins

he does not need to care about team strategy, synergy or any of that horse manure - all he needs to do is pick the highest power heroes so that no one can match him, resulting in him playing against AI and racking up easy wins.

now i am not advocating a penalty against “old” players - they were first, they always get some benefits.
but now because they get 90-100k points per game, and are guaranteed to win 99% of their games, the rest of the players are at a huge disadvantage.

as a result i think it would be better to not have PvP brackets based on team level (its ridiculously easy to level up on this game)
but instead have them based on total power level
say something like

i think this system would reward even the guys who only started playing last week but are great in PvP.

plus it wont discourage them from leveling up their accounts for fear of not being competitive in the higher league.

as a side note, it might even stop people from asking for nerfing heroes they cant deal with - as now they will only face heroes which are in their power bracket and they most likely have or will have soon.

i wanted to add a final point:
i am not saying that everyone that ranks in the top 10 has this advantage

i am sure there are some that are new players and have spent enough money or are just PvP gods.

on the other hand, i am sure not every old player is there in the top 10 or top 100, i am sure some of them are pretty terrible at even beating AI consistently.

what i am saying is that this is an unfair advantage that needs to be looked at.

My account is 68 days old.
I am Vip 1.
My main pvp teams are 18k-23k.
i am normally rank top 100 minimum in all tournaments…
It is not about the power or the heroes. it is about how you play.

Edit. Majority of the players are 100-200k so the bracket doesnt make much sense at all

Although I am not sure the brackets you mention would be good for the game. You might have a point, especially as platinum becomes available.

Thinking that all lvl 60s are the same is crazy sauce…I have no idea why team level determines brackets…someone who is ftp with a team of 15k should not be in the same bracket as someone who has a team of 30-40k. Its just strange…

My total power level is such fluff, I only PvP with 10 heroes, others are for PvE fun.

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