Slow mo pvp event

What’s up with the slow mo pvp event. Lol


Most of the multipliers are switched. For example: 3x fire rate for bio has become 3x as slow (rough estimation) and the 0.5x reload has become 3x

I’m loving it @Robert_Pronk

Both Okelly and I have had heroes moving in slow motion, a couple of matches I had the opposite and they were running round at high speed. Don’t think this was caused by multipliers lol.

And we’re on different internet providers, and it did the same on mobile and Wi-Fi

It’s supposed to be slo mo for energy heroes and high speed for mech heroes…

I’m not. Too slow for me. No strategy this way

Yeah, it was painfully slow. And my Bolt and Verril were in slow mo on one match then all high speed on another. Not that it was any quicker to lose on high speed - still went to time haha

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Sped up mechanical? Time to kurtz roll to victory

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