Rewards doesn't tally with final result of war

Dear Admin,

We got 2nd place in recent season 17th war 2 but the rewards given was 3rd placing. May I check if there is any error please.

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You should send this to Support instead, since this is a technical issue.


A big ooooooooooooffff…

Edit:But, may be u’ll get ur rewards or may be u need a ss for that!

No screenshot of the rewards?

Forgot to take a screenshot of that unfortunately.

Alright. Will do that too. Thanks.

Hope admin will kindly look into this as we always have to fight extremely hard each war. We always start from bottom 6 due to the time zone difference and would appreciate it if we are being rewarded accordingly. Thanks admin.

Yeah, you can get rewards for brackets you don’t play in and other game breaking glitches which is why I quit playing war until they hire someone competent to fix the code.

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Since you didn’t post your rewards, it makes it really hard to objectively prove that you got the wrong rewards. Send in a ticket, and if they can’t help you, then make sure you accurately record what rewards you get.


It wasn’t that difficult for them check during the PvP rewards glitch back then. I’m just upset that they didn’t even try to check. The reward difference between no.2 and no.3 isn’t much but it is the way that the developers are handling things that irks me.

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