Server was down and we didn´t receive even gold

The server was down during the last pvp tournament, and we didn´t receive nothing, in other times we checked our inbox and we found some rewards at least because of the issue, but this time NOTHING

It was also down for a couple hours on 11-19-20. Customer support didn’t even apologize for that and even blamed it on our local connection despite the fact that everyone couldn’t log in.

Oops…My teammates thought people only missed war points when server was down…

im going for some popcorns…

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You made account here just to complain?

I was thinking the same😅

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They give compensation when they feel it’s necessary, they don’t even have to do it. Be happy you’ve gotten it before


yes… I was going well on pvp tournament and as it was not for a couple of hours but early in the morning until reset and I was not bad at the end, but I know I could do it better if it were not for that issue.

They should, this affected several events, and some of then got resets, I could´t do anything until reset on PVP…

Everyone were affected

Again you didn’t read what I said. They don’t have to do anything.

Thank you for expressing your desire for compensation in light of recent issues. Please note that we discuss all potential compensation internally, and that not all live game issues will result in compensation being granted to some or all players. We don’t publicly discuss our intentions to grant potential compensation for an issue, and the amount of people asking for it has no bearing on our decisions. We also don’t publicly comment on the results of those internal discussions.



unfortunatelly at the reset of that pvp event some managed to play before the server issue, but I think most of users from America, couldn´t because the issue was in the morning here, it was working while we were sleep.

well, it is an observation, actually you didn´t gave the compensation, I know you wont do it by now, but one thing I liked from the game, was that whe you had issues you at least tried to get the customers happy, I feel now there was not even an apologize, maybe it is just me, but I think it affect the perception we as customers have from you.

We didn’t make a public apology about this, no. You’re right. We apologized individually to players who wrote in about the issue, though, rather than apologizing to people who were not affected on a public forum that only a small percentage of the user base engages in. I also went into VIP chat and discord yesterday and apologized for the Obrez issue and let people know we were working on the issue.

If you’re looking for an inbox apology – say, with gold and tokens attached – no, we didn’t do that. From the content of your messages, you seem more upset about not getting compensation than the issue that occurred. I’m afraid I don’t know what to do with that.

I’m sorry recent server issues – which were the fault of our web service provider – affected you. I apologize on their behalf for the inconvenience caused.


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