PVP server issues

Just had a few matches where, where when the match starts its seconds into the match and I was not able to fire off a single shot … what gives

My wifi is working fine …

I feel you man. I’ve had around 7 consecutive matches like this. It either starts off maybe 20s into the match, or doesn’t start at all and reconnecting results in something similar to your screenshot (no crosshairs, being unable to shoot, etc.).

This game is becoming lamer and lamer. I can’t believe I spent money in this. :roll_eyes:


I feel you, was waiting a long time to connect, then I tried to cancel and it didn’t work, restarted the game didn’t see a match, so I went to check my train schedule and I get a offline match result.

Lucky me that I just lost mandrake

Just happened again, 4x in a row, I can’t start a fight, only to receive a offline match after closing the game…

What a bummer, these issues seem to happen at the worst of times. Saw the error message in the global/VIP chat, so guess I’ll wait and see if it gets sorted before the tournament ends.

Glad I played a lot yesterday at least. Think we met once, Kraterios!

Great, time for a relax.

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We did? Who won haha?

Yeah to bad, wanted to push to 100 haha

This is ridiculously annoying as this was the first time I’ve ever tried in PVP and did well. I should’ve been able to finish top 100, but couldn’t play for 1:45 after the reset and barely missed top 100 by a couple points. This should not be acceptable!