Opponent fires first

I really really need to complain about this issue.

I met so many times that the opponent fires first, and this is so so unfair!

When the hero I am using arrive his position, my opponent already start to fire for one or two seconds. You should know that this difference can always decide the result of the match, and this issue should never happen.

You developers really need to fix it.



This happens way to often. I see opponents who have a good 2-3 second head start on me and its infuriating. Its often times enough time for them to weaken a hero enough to the point where I cannot help them anymore, putting me at a one hero disadvantage for the rest of the match.

And its not a difference in position, either. Even if you are both midline heroes, the bug will still cause you to be behind, so its not about backline getting in first before frontline, its a connection error.

The only way I can explain this is lag, network error. The server isn’t sending or receiving signals from players at the same time so it starts on earlier. The game just needs to slow down and take it easy to fix this, giving like a 3 seconds buffer between the matchmaking process and the match itself.

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I’m always the one shooting second , never first. I’m not sure why the game loves punishing me somehow.

Ya, most games load the level then have all your heroes in a starting spot and a countdown before they release players into the match. Dunno why Hero Hunters doesn’t do that and instead counts down then throws you right into a match, where sometimes you will be behind an opponent.

I’ve seen this in the sewer level, my frontline tank sometimes moves to a further away cover than the enemy tanks.

AND some dogface of my opponent can shoot super quick!

I really need the explanation about this! The dogface I just met shoot all his 18 bullets within 1/3 second, you can easily imagine how much damage he brought to my team!

Maybe a fix would be that instead of all hero’s running in to position, the match’s counts down with everyone in position, every skill locked and not being able to look around before the 3 2 1 go.

That way nobody will have an advantage on starting on the good side

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This issue was incredibly vexing back when Panzer’s breach started at 100%. If your Panzer arrived first, it seriously tilted the odds in your favor.

Reviving dead thread, but this is getting very serious and annoying. I just had a match where dogface wiped two of my heroes before I could fire a shot. So yeah, I do hope they find a way to remedy this problem, but its super annoying and just gives a dumb arbitrary advantage to a random player (And bet your life savings it isn’t going to be me).