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Hi, I’m not going to complain about min / max or anything like that.
Just make a suggestion when placing the heroes you choose in PVP.
I explain myself: I’m sure we have all encountered enemies with 3-4 rear line, 4 front line hero, etc …
Or we, by necessity or by testing, have selected something similar. And the default game puts us one of the rear line hero in the middle and the other two in their normal positions.
So my suggestion is to add the possibility of choosing which heroes maintain their normal position and where those outside their normal position are relocated
I hope I explained myself well.
Greetings to all

Correct me if i’m wrong. The maximum number are 2, 3 and 2 (front line, mid line, rear line…respectively).

For example, if u select 4 front line + 1 mid line…the first 2 front line will be placed in the front line while the third and fourth will be placed in the mid line along with the last midline heroes.

Another example, if u select 4 midlines with 1 rear line…the first 3 will be place in the midline while the fourth one will be placed in the rear line along with the fifth hero.

The last example, if u choose 4 rearlines and 1 midline…the first 2 = rearline, the thrid and fourth = midline, along with the fifth hero.

In summary, front line can be place in the midline, midline can be placed in the rearline, and rearline can be placed in the midline… i hope it helps.

(The order starts from left to right when u select heroes for pvp)

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Yea max is only 5 heroes. 2-3-2 is 7

I mean the maximum heroes u can put in each line. For example, Front line, only 2, if u put 3 frontline in pvp, the third one will be placed in the midline. And so on.

@Wiput_Tantulaphongse It depends on the map.

@Enbolia There actually is a way to control it, for the most part. I’ve noticed a priority system. For each position, priority is given to the spot closer to #1. Think of it as if they’re waiting in line for each position. Most maps will have at least two spots for the frontline, mid-line, and rear line.


2 frontline, 2 mid-line, 1 rear line: priority for frontline is given to the frontliner closer to spot #1; priority for mid-line is given to the mid-liner closer to spot #1; rear liner will get rear line because there’s only person in line for it.
1 frontline, 3 mid-line, 1 rear line: frontliner will receive frontline; priority for mid-line is given to the spot closest to #1, and there’s a higher chance the 3rd mid-liner will be moved. Rear liner will get rear line.

4 or more 5 of the same position has an even greater chance of having heroes moved.

If you pick three or more of the same position, there’s a higher chance of your heroes getting put into a different position. Extra frontliners and rear liners will go to the mid-line, but I’m not sure what dictates whether an extra mid-liner will go to the front or the rear.

To fix your issue, stick to only 1-2 heroes for each position, and the proper positions are pretty much guaranteed. You might be able to get away with 3 sometimes, but more than that, and some people will probably get moved.

Already, I do not pose this as a personal problem of mine when selecting heroes. I understand the positions and select 1-2 heroes for each position (with some exceptions). Basically for a question that each hero and weapon is designed for a specific position.
What I do is a suggestion-request, if it is not very complicated for devs and other people find it interesting.
A crazy example to explain my “request”: I want to play a very absurd game and place Clyde and Mandrake as if they were rear heros and Dogface as a front hero … my defeat is assured … but probably quite funny

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There are ways to fix pvp but the devs just don’t do it. When teams are facing opponents that are 6, 7 and 8k more power than you are, pvp becomes a huge joke and complete waste of time. They could make it all within 1k power of each other. They could make it so you can’t bring platinum and silver hero’s on the same team. Many ways to fix it but the fact is, nothing is being done about it and nothing will.

I get what you’re asking here; when playing PVP could it be clearer which hero is going to be playing in which position, or could we assign each hero a position when we select our teams. Easy. I like the idea.

Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to remind everyone that if something is easy, obvious, or simple, it’s not. There’s a reason for everything being the way it is! I’ll pass your suggestion along during our next meeting.


Whoa, I didn’t mean making the change was easy - just understanding the concept. I know making the actual change is gonna be a fight against a few Helios :grimacing:

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