PVP Gameplay Suggestion: Thug of Wars

Hi guys. I have a suggestion on new PVP gameplay. It might be special PVP. I got this idea from the Mission 11-10.

When matching an opponent. Both players has given the chance to use all heroes in the game, either locked or unlocked. They will choose 15 heroes. Yes you read it right. 15 heroes. But it doesn’t mean you will use all heroes at once. You have create 5 “3-team” heroes. Reason? Continue reading.

When the match will start, this is what will the game begin.

Yes. you have now the idea of the game. Your goal is to reach to the goal or survive in the game until the time lasts.

You see there are 5 other characters as you can see. They are your minions. They might a nuisance or a grace, it depends. And the black lines are the position laps.

As the battle goes by, you have to wipe out your opponent’s 3-hero team and if succeed, move forward one lap while the enemy move backward one lap.

If failed, move backward while the opponent go forward then your next 3-hero team will appear to battle them.

Continue winning until you reached the last lap or the goal.

For heroes skills, flatline can revive the minions also as they were allies but when an hero has died, the hero is prioritized to be revived first before minions.


What do you thinks guys? Sorry for my grammar errors. hehehe :sweat_smile:


I only scrolled through your post and I don’t know what it’s about yet but I’m already willing to say: I love it! Great enthusiasm!

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Thanks @ULFPAM … I just thought, lets not move side to side, how about lets move forward and backward too… just to have more thrilling… The thrilling i only saw is when you ranked up then ranked down then ranked up again in pvp tournament…heheheh :sweat_smile:

No idea how to implement this into the game other than a brawl and for that I think it is to much expenditure. Programming a new map and whole new gameplay.

But I would love to see that. If not as PvP, maybe as PvE instead of the Gauntlet, which is already similar to this.

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@WalleWu Im not sure about the coding of the gameplay but they could use the mission 11-10, since they use the big football court. but the thing is, remove the big machine in the center. and then, putting some barricades into the specific places.

For the respawning of heroes, they should put like the Battle point, “Battlepoint is the point center between the two players’ team to identify which laps they are currently battling now so that the wiped-out 3-hero team will respawn at the correct location”

since there are 9 laps, (including two goals)

theses laps should be entitled as:
" -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 ".
players should be referred as “1” and “-1”.
“0” for the starting area.

Think of this:::
Player A is “1”, while Player B is “-1”

starting from 0. If Player A wins, add “1”, if Player B wins, add “-1” or to be precise “minus 1” keep adding until it reaches “4” or “-4”.

and having a rule in code that if the Battle Point reaches “4”, then Player A wins… if “-4”, then Player B wins.

and for respawning: whenever which of the two (“1” or “-1”) is used, then the other player has to be respawned at the location of the Battle Point.

@neogens I like the concept and is a solid idea to build on. Nice work!

I think @WalleWu is right though in that it would probably serve best in a PvE format/mode. Either way, it has great potential to bring something new into the game.

HHG has hinted at a new ‘survival-like’ mode coming soon (take that however), potentially a similar concept to what you have here.


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Thanks @vestige. but what happens if it is a PVP? or if not, why not try Coop PVP? hehehe, so that the game might at least move forward on getting new gameplays…

Sorry but I have to agree with Walle on this one. This seems like it was designed more for pve, not pvp. However, with some minor tweaks, this could be a really fun pvp gamemode.

It would be a great PvP mode too. But to be worth the effort of coding, testing and but fixing, it needs to be a permanent mode. To have two permanent PvP modes would be to much to play it all and I don’t see HHG replacing the normal PvP with this mode.

I’m not against this as a PvP mode, would love to see it as a PvP mode. But if you take a realistic look at it, it won’t happen.

its not that it should replace the current pvp mode… its just an another gameplay to fight. another battlefield to fight. i agree that this should be PVE, but it would be fun if you face a real player. I know if when you are in this game play, you will target the heroes as usual, but these minions will try to protect the heroes, and they should not as easy as be killed by wesson’s silver to have challenging fight. hehehhe. its just that it is what i thought. :sweat_smile:

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