Hero Team expansion

Hey everyone,
I think we need more slot to deploy 68 hero’s I think 5 isn’t sufficient because many high level players have many platinum hero’s and I think it due. Would balancing be needed by the NPC’s? Yes. but that is something the DEVS could work through.
All feedback is welcome.

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I don’t understand this, Do yu want more slots for a fight?

Yep maybe to 6 or 7 heros.

I prefer teams of 3 heroes, those PVP events are the best.

the 3 man team are fun, but provide less points so those event feel like a slog. I do appreciate how they are quicker battles though.

Would be fun to see bigger brawls of 6 to 8 heroes for special events. Like total faction wars or all of UAF vs all KLG. Would be kinda neat.

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It would be really usefull
Dont get me wrong but are you nit already tired of pvp against a team that has 2 revivers 2 healers and 1 damage dealer
It would be fun to match against someone who has even more healers and just one high damage dealer
But i like the concept only they need to put heros in a category so you cant use to many healers
Let say you have to pick one tank hero 3-4 damage heros and 2 healers before you can start a pvp match

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I find the current 5 team is enough

Maybe the concept you r reffering can be used in a new co-op mode were 5 or more players can a long campaign like missone with multiple waves above 3-4 waves
And each player can control only one hero

if it gonna be on PC then maybe,
but on phone?nah, this is good enough

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