Questions for the devs

First of all its great to be back. for those that not know, i was there when the game first came out and was the first in leaderboards in pvp.

I have Some questions about Some things i dont understand sinds it is a while ago i played the game

First why are their uaf versions of the klg bots in. The intro and why arent they skins?

Another thing why arent there stories anymore in the special co op raids? i loved those we could see how a faction reacted to their current mision with their agenda please bring it back

Yeah its short but i thougt it would be easier this way by making a thread

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Welcome back!

My guess is the UAF bots will show up in the District 14 missions. Someone who has the missions actually unlocked could probably confirm.

There’s usually lots of new dialog in the danger-simulator wave survival missions. There’s also some in-mission dialog that some characters occasionally say.

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Oui les robot uaf sont bien dans le district 14

I think I know why the KLG are in UAF Suits it is dude to the fact that Kurtz knew that he did not need his army when we was entered in the game already and Wesson took them to UAF I was Hoping that these were going to be Skins for the KLG but that is what I think it is based on .

Stories in the co-op raids. Well, “stories” isn’t really the word, I would just say “lore”. But yeah, I miss those too, guess they got lazy lol. There’s so much lore/story that could be added, and I always imagined it’d be something in the realm of Overwatch regarding storytelling. Oh well.

You are fight by that point it is lore not really story but still i wish they brought it back

That is awesome though i cant speak french man can you reply in english?

Hey man Nice seeing you back thank you for making it clear

Might be since i cant read what is written in fabaure screenshot but i hope they become skins/new heroes