Quick win issue

I’m having an issue with using the quick win tickets.

When I attempt to use the qw option in a mission, the button highlights but the screen locks and it seems that the only way to resolve the issue is by closing down the game.

I can sometimes negate the problem “if” I select a character portrait from the list of the rewards in that current mission, but even this isn’t working anymore…

Also, this only seems to be an issue in campaign mode as it doesn’t seem to effect other areas like gauntlet etc.

This problem has been intermittent for months now, I hope that with each update it’s resolved but no dice and it’s becoming more apparent now, hence the post.

Has anyone else had the same issues or similar? It would be interesting to know…

(Please don’t post/ask if I have updated/reinstalled the game lol)

Thanks Community/Devs

Is contact support in game


Yeah, I’ve sent over a ticket but was really wondering if it was just me or if other people had similar issues?..

I have never encountered it. Though i can understand your frustration. Good thing that you shared it so it can be looked at

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Thanks Robert, exactly! If it is a far reaching problem… (affects loads of people) they may look into further into it… but for now I’m just advised to reinstall the game etc…

Whether other people are experiencing it or not, posting about it here won’t solve the problem. You may not like support’s response, but you should keep working with them directly. They’re the only ones who can help. Other players can’t. The number of players experiencing an issue, or perceived number, doesn’t change how seriously we respond to an issue.

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Has muninn been snacking on our qw tickets again? tsk tsk

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If a 100 people were having the same problem, I’d like to think it would be considered more than “just one guy”?..
For now though I have & will work on resolving my problem with support as it still persists.

You’re literally the only person reporting this. It isn’t affecting 100 people.

Follow support’s instructions, and the forum rules. Thanks.