Hello I’m new to the hero hunters website but I wanted to report a glitch I experienced earlier while playing in gauntlet mode. While I was playing I switched to Razorback and while playing everything was fine until I went to duck into cover to reload when I did this Razorback froze and was unable to move he just stood there and took damage. I tried to use a skill, move to other cover switch to another hero (the other hero did not freeze) and back and Razorback was still frozen he wasn’t hit by a skill that gave him any negative effect so I quit and did it again and lost all my progress on the mission but everything was working again Idk if this is a problem for others but I felt the need to bring this to the attention of the community and possibly the developers if anyone has experienced this problem please respond back and tell me your experience with this freeze glitch

Send a support ticket give the the time it happened or screen shot if you have it. Not much they can do in the forum

Anytime you have a issue in game, contact support and provide as much detail about the incident and screenshot as well. Can’t help you with technical stuff via forums

Hi @Gmanjt91,

Are you using autoplay? Try switching between autoplay and manual and see if that has any effect. I’ve run into this same issue. If that does help with the issue, you’ll want to include that in your bug report. You’ll definitely have more luck contacting support through the game than you will on this forum. Bug reports here get the same response every time - contact support. It’s ok - you’re new to the forum so don’t let that prevent you from posting in the future.

You can submit a bug report within the game by pressing your avatar in the upper left hand corner, then press “Support” on the right side, the select “Contact Us”. Hope that helps.

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