Quick win glitch

My routine in Hero hunter is do the daily rewards and hard mission first so I’ll use all my energy on doing all nightingale missions and keel ones too so I’ll run out of energy quick and I would have to watch ads for free quick wins but starting from yesterday even after watching ads it will say not enough stamina even when you don’t need stamina for a ad free win it’s doing it repeatedly and it’s creating a big problem for me my routine is getting effected by this please fix this

There are multiple threads on the forums already discussing this, so I would encourage you to redirect your discussion there.

Make sure to submit a support ticket through the in-game support too. Nobody on the forums can really help with technical problems and the support system is designed for these kinds of issues.

Kinda new here can you put a link to the exact thread

Literally maded a account to address this issue been looking here and there for a solution can find any thing in search

They’re very aware of this bug and are working on a fix right now.


Just be patient, it will come in due time.


another link of a dev addressing the issue.

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Thanks for letting me know buddy

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