Re-branding: Gun Rise to Hero Hunters

Hey, everyone. We have a big announcement to make to you today.

As some of you may have noticed a few things have been changing on the website and in-game.

Before we soft-launched the game we went through a complex process of finding our name. The naming process at Hothead Games involves just about everyone in the studio and is no easy task. It goes through many people and departments for approval. This process can take some time as we work through all the names we like.

From the very beginning, we’d gotten feedback that the name “Gun Rise” just didn’t fit. We noticed players were confused by the name and on what to expect when they first installed the app. This feedback then led us down a path to self-discovery. We knew we only had one chance to change the name of the game before its worldwide release so we had to make sure that we got it right. After many, many tests we found a name that seemed to resonate with our audience and performed measurably better on numerous levels. We brought the new name to the team to see how they felt and everyone loved it.

I’m very happy to announce that with the release of 0.7, the name of the app on your device will no longer be “Gun Rise” but instead will be changed to “Hero Hunters.”

Hero Hunters Logol


Its kinda sad that gunrise Will be gone i already liked the name and from the trailer i knew that this was a hero shooter (Hero hunters is cool i guess)