I wanted to talk about some Hothead stuff

Before I start: This is not me bashing on the devs. This is me expressing my concerns about Hero Hunters and Forged Fantasy, and me wanting to bring change. This is my opinion on what’s best for Hero Hunters, so please keep it respectful.

For those of you who don’t know, a separate team on Hothead has been developing a game known as Forged Fantasy, which is basically Hero Hunters with a new coat of paint and one new feature being added in the form of melee combat.

However, I am personally not a fan of the game because of how I think it negatively affects Hero Hunters. The new project is sapping resources and talent from Hero Hunters. Money and employees are being dumped into this new project when they could be used to improve hero hunters instead.

I believe that it would be highly beneficial to merge these two teams and have them develop just Hero Hunters.

In theory, there could be twice as many new content updates, that include more skins and heroes, and half as many bugs. Plus staff currently working on Forged Fantasy could bring so many new cool concepts and ideas to Hero Hunters! We could have so much more with this game, so much more cool and unique content, but instead we get a near carbon copy of Hero Hunters instead.

I have created a petition to show the support of people within our community to improve hero hunters and help it see its maximum potential. Please sign to show your support to improve the game.

Click Here for Petition

This may not do anything, and this may amount to nothing. But what is important is that we all banded together as a community to bring fourth change and improvement for this game we so dearly love. And if we as a community speak together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.



I agree with you. I will not be playing the new game when it comes out.
I have high doubts this petition will shut down an entire project, but I’m sure in the future they will realize that Hero Hunters was a much bigger success, and that they should’ve done exactly what you just posted about.


Again man, like i said, highly doubt this will do anything. But this is about being apart of a community and standing up together on issues.


Up to 6 signatures guys! We should keep striving to bring forth change that will improve the game!

You really think an internet petition has any hope of changing the mind of a multinational company with 8-figure revenue? It’s a business and exists to generate income. They will have invested a tremendous amount of money and resources into determining exactly which direction will produce the most profit, and then execute that plan.

The petition is less about making the change happen, but its more to show community support.

tbh, making a petition to improve one game that isnt even a year old while shunning another game that hasnt been released yet is rather selfish. You are telling them to read between the lines simply because you dont want to play another of their games. If you dont like it, just dont play it. The community shows its support by playing the game, having a civilized talk in the community and (for those willing to) spend cash on the game.

the only time you should be concerned about a game, is if its in its dying days.

you want to show support to the team, then give them feedback on the game. what works/what doesnt work. what could be improved. ideas that could be implemented in game.

just my 2 cents


Using discord tactics now, are we?

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What are Discord tactics? I’m not a regular at Discords so I’m not familiar with the term.

That would have been the case. . but there’re evidences they aren’t listening to feedback. Look at the perpetually screwed pvp matching. I’ve been playing for half a year and it’s still broken. No attempts to change the core issues. They even have the gull to say we’re improving the balance with BUZZWORD “role warfare” but the new toons they released don’t even fit “role warfare” properly. They are so OP it’s like they made more problems they needed to solve for a quick buck.

@Nham Thanks for this post. Also my sentiment. Like what HHG did in the past few months with the new heroes, forged fantasy feels like a gigantic cash grab without even remotely fixing this mess of a game, albeit with a huge entertainment potential.

no clue what this “discord tactics” are since all i see is a cluster of random discussion on there.

as far as “they dont listen to feedback/dont listen at all and the blah blah its a cash grab” here are a few quotes from Howitzer: “Discussion on what the next September Update should bring” and “Discussion on what the next September Update should bring” both of these quotes come from the same thread and the replies are a few days old.

Forged Fantasy hasnt even been released, so i dont understand how people can cry “cash grab” without a release.


Besides they did nerf Panzer by popular demand. It took a while but they listened, and acted. They also fixed Ifrit and I must say it was pretty fast.
I feel that HHG are very communicative and open to the community’s feedback.


Yeah, I agree. That Howitzer guy comes on some posts every once in a while to say he’s heard feedback

The game is not released yet,
in these early stages it’s very similar to Hero Hunters because it runs on the same engine and making re-models of already existing characters for Alpha / Beta testing purpose is not an uncommon practice - it’s actually a smart choice. There are also new elements of melee brawling - something they might or might not expand further to make it more of a unique game. I guess you should wait for a global release before you criticise Hothead for being lazy.

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