Social Media Changes

Hunters! :bow_and_arrow:

GunSlinger here.

:newspaper: The freshest news of the news is coming! While the team is still busy with the transition, we’re happy to announce that all social media accounts were successfully transferred to DECA!

What does it mean to you?
For the coming month or so we’re focused on our original plan to work as one with the HotHead community team – the more the better, right? :handshake:

:hammer_and_wrench: Changes will be coming step by step and the first one is the forum URL name. Even though we are doing our best to make this change as seamless as possible, we may be facing some downtime due to DNS changes and domain verification. Difficult words, but you get it. If you experience any troubles logging in to the forum – don’t hesitate to reach us out on Discord.

We cannot stress enough how excited we are to have even better communication with all of you.

Happy Hunting!


Hello Gunslinger and welcome to the family…


Welcome to Hero Hunters and our community, Gunslinger, and rest of co. at DECA!

The end of an era, and the transition into the new

Glad to see ya, guys! Future of Hero Hunters is start now.

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