Re-Organizing Tiers for PvP, War, Bounty

Now that there are 102 heroes, with Ruby Bars at Level 100; are there any plans to re-organize PvP and War tier? The tier was last changed to accomodate Legendary at a total power of 1.5M in total power, but some people are nearing 2.5M in total power.

Are there any plans in adding a tier at 2M plus or even 2.25M plus as it feel super congested at Legendary < 1.5M+ tier >.

Also, I think someone had mentioned that War tier needs a serious update as the majority of alliances are in the 25M+, ie. Master. With alliances that are well over 50M now, isn’t it time that the Alliance tiers get re-worked?

One last suggestion. It makes sense to have Bounty Tiers as well to give the lower level alliance something to aim for while not feeling like they’ll never catch up to the bigger alliances.


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