Some new changes

New PVP Tiers : As all knows that MYTHIC is very overcrowded . About 1 year ago I know that MYTHIC list gets ended at 58ish but now its overcrowded. So we need new PVP tiers namely

  1. Master: unlocks at 1.5M+ power . Rewards can be decided later
  2. Legendary: Unlocks at 1.75M+ power . Rewards can be decided later.
    This will decrease competition among MYTHIC players and also pave way to new rewards. So more and more players will increase their respective power and in that way , Min maxing will also gets lowered .

New WAR tiers: As war is pretty simple till your alliance have power of 15M to 20M , gets a bit hard at 20 to 25M and some competitive after 25 to 30M. Now war becomes complex after 30 to 35M and very competitive after 35M . In order for sake of lower alliances like having powers below 20M , new MASTER war tier must unlock . Teams having power 35M+ will be eligible for them . This will create less competition in tier having power 15M+ and makes lower sides also in leaderboards.

Bounty Rewards: Although DEVS have already increased rewards for Bounty , yet it is not an interesting format of game. Also summon rate is very slow. Summon money is too high and even crosses 90k per summon. Making it low and increasing frequency of summoning will makes Bounty interesting . Also rewards above 300k Bounty points will also create some to play.
Hope DEVS will take this into consideration. All replies are welcome


I am definitely in favor of all of the next brackets opening up…we are there, it’s time.


I would like to see a gauntlet update where we don’t have to select heroes for each around.
I have my own heroes for 5 rounds and I know they’ll win.
I want to see kinda locked or autoselect the usual heroes for each around intead of going through all of them and select then manually.


I would have swore it already does that for the first 5 areas. If you beat the first five areas it saves your teams………oh, is that only if you quick win?

Yup, if you dont have qw tickets, you need to play every sector again :slight_smile:

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Pretty much all of us are in HUGE favor of the next brackets opening up. It was once mentioned by the DEVS they were highly considering it.

Here’s hoping it happens MUCH MUCH sooner rather then later.


I’m hoping it happens this coming update, it’s been too long overdue.

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