Reaper; the void traveler

I have another concept for you guys to check out!

**Concept! Not a real hero lol**

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  • Appearance / Visuals
  • Lore
  • Abilities
  • References For Hero stats
  • Skins
  • Skin poll!

I present to you;


Here’s an concept image of what I think he could look like
(I’m not fully fond of the helmet / mask as it feels too similar to the plague doctor skin for Hemilock)

(Concept art for hero was made by Ai art generator, a fun new way to make concept art for our hero ideas! :raised_hands:)

Appearance & Lore

He is a traveler, he will stop anyone who gets in his way, and although he is considered a mercenary he tends to keep to himself and out of trouble, he tries to keep himself hidden and lay a little bit low with a dark hood over him at all times, meanwhile brandishing a purple flaming Scythe on his back and a purple glow from his eyes.
Some heard that he was a disciple of the death himself, or a fan of his work and ways. Either way, he is mostly known for being like him, dawning cloaks and arms to deal with those unworthy of inhaling a breath evermore

(Weapon image is later in post)


Stars; 5/10
Faction; Mercenary / Unaffiliated
Element; Void IMG_1541
Weapon type; Special

Scythe stats;


  • This hero has Scythe with one shot / ammo, the shot will come out of the bottom of his Scythe and fires over 50 pellets in a slightly compressed area.

  • His weapon is from that of ancient technology, and if the rumors are true, he is older than the ancient weapon itself…

  • The reloading animation contains this hero thrusting the tip of the bottom of his Scythe into the air slightly as purple glowing energy is pulled out of the air to converge into the tip. The energy comes out of seemingly nowhere.

  • Reload is .9 seconds,

  • this hero can have a base Crit Chance of;
    what do you want the crit chance to be? Keep in mind his fire-rate, ammo, and reload!*

  • Base crit chance of 3%
  • Base crit chance of 5%
  • Base crit chance of 8%

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Abilities; what your all here for 😉 



Bronze; Execution Type; Active
Throws scythe at enemy (homing) and deals True Void Damage equal to a certain amount of the enemies max health. the hero increases all Allie’s health by X amount for the rest of the mission and restores health equal to 100% of the damage to allies.

(this damage cannot be negated)

(Damage to enemy is equal to 4% for every 10 ability levels)

(If Finished Off is unlocked, this hero will launch at the enemy if they are effected by Death slashing them for extra bonus damage.)


Silver; Judgement Type; Active
This hero deems selected targets worthy of life, or deserving of death. He can select the entire enemy team or his Allie’s.

If deemed deserving of death, all targets receive 35% more damage (15 for Allie’s), are slowed by 20% (10 for allies), and are marked with Death.

*(Voice line; growls “you areee… unnnWORTHYY”) sounding irritated by them

If deemed worthy to live on, the selected targets are marked with Life receive 35% more damage (15 for enemies), heal for X health per second, and gain 25% faster attack speed (15 for enemies)

*(Voice line; growls “you areee… worrrthyyy…”) sounding almost as if he is disappointed

  • (50/50 chance but can be upgraded to have a favorable outcome)
  • (Can be given a 100% chance of effecting enemies with Death at level 100)
  • (can be given a 100% chance of effecting allies with Life at level 100)

Gold; Finished off Type; Passive
this hero deals bonus damage with Execution by launching himself at the enemy to deal with them personally. The damage equal to a % of the targets max health only if they are effected by Death.

If an enemy is killed by execution, all allies have their damage increased by 15% (stacks) and heal for 200% the damage done to the enemy instead of 100%.

  • (% of hp damage dealt to enemy is 1% every 2 levels)

Platinum; Inevitable end… Type; Passive
5 seconds after this hero receives lethal damage he will attempt to revive himself.

This hero will revive himself with 20% of his max hp after 10 seconds if at least 3 of his Allie’s are alive.

  • (Health on revive amount increased by 1% every 5 levels. Allie’s required to be alive reduced by one every 50 levels)
  • (Every 50 levels the allies required to be alive is reduced by 1)

Ruby; Initiator Type; Passive
This hero is invincible for the first 5 seconds of a fight (up to 15 this time) and receives a 50% attack speed boost. This hero also gains X amount of health for the rest of the mission.

Comparisons / References!

What better way to help you visualize my idea than to compare his characteristics to other heros already in the game!

This hero’s health is similar to that of Fibers

This hero’s damage per second is similar to that of Spewage

(note; that the total dps is related to how many pellets hit the target, the dps listed would be if all pellets hit)

This hero’s spread is similar to that of Barrels

This hero’s reload time is similar to that of Pris

This hero’s power is similar to that of Enigma

Weapon; scythe that shoots energy Bursts in pellets out or the bottom of the scythe (essentially he turns the scythe around and shoot out of the handle)

Fires one shot and reloads in .6 seconds.

One large compressed shot with 20 pellets

Skins? Yeah! 
  • His common skin would be a plus skin giving a 10% bonus to his health, Armor, and Elemental Armor
  • His plus skin called “Grim” and brandish jet black robes with this face more hidden in the depths of his hood. His Scythe would now have a base texture of bone, while other features like the purple flames will remain.

But what stats should the rare plus skin have?

  • Health; 20%, Damage; 20%, Crit Chance; 10%
  • Health; 25%, Damage; 15%, Crit Chance; 7%
  • Health; 15%, Damage 25%, Crit Chance; 7%

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Happy hunting hunters! Hope you enjoyed my special birthday hero concept!


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