New 7* Hero Idea

We currently have 2 badass 7* heroes in this game, Why not make another one and make it a trifecta?

I have this idea of having a chameleon type hero that can switch elements on the battlefield with his skills.

Name: Turncoat
Element: Mechanical
Position: Rear Line

(WIP) Bronze Skill: Does something and changes him to energy element for x seconds
(WIP) Silver Skill: Does something and changes him to bio-chem element for x seconds
(WIP) Gold Skill: Provides a specific passive bonus depending on his current element
(WIP) Platinum Skill: ???

So far this is what I got. Penny for your thoughts?


Turncoat is a pretty cool name!

I like the concept of changing elements. Would definitely switch up strategies on the battlefield!

What weapon do you imagine this Hero having?

I actually have 3 design ideas for this guy or girl:

1.) For the first design, he is a former UAF veteran that has fallen from grace. A guy that ryker and the gang used to look up to. So he would probably have body armor similar with ryker, butter and night.

He has three separate weapons (silenced pistol, silenced smg, silenced assault rifle?). Each one with a specific elemental glow to it. This would also act as a visual cue for when he switches elements (similar with hardscope).

2.) For the second design, he is a mech similar to clyde and heckler. He was the ultimate weapon designed to adapt in any situation. But he went rogue and became an autonomous killing machine.

His weapon would be his right arm that is also a plasma gun. And everytime he switches elements, the color of the bullets changes as well.

3.) For the third design, she is a wanted spy (inspired by evelyn salt). Seeking retribution after Kurtz betrayed her. She is neither friend nor foe and only seeks revenge.

She is armed with a deadly barrett m82. Everytime she switches elements, her appearance changes as well.


Sounds neat! Would be cool to see it come to life after reading this.

Yeah! Fingers crossed :grimacing:

@Shubidouba @Howitzer
Yeah this concept sounds great!

Except, a “class switch” skill is pretty weak for a 7* champ… There would need to be some sort of other added benefit than just switching classes.

I agree @Poobgloob that just switching elements wont really do much especially if its handled by an AI. I would love to hear some suggestions because I find it difficult to build a hero with this concept without making him too strong or too weak.


Name: Turncoat
Element: Mechanical
Position: Rear Line
Weapon : ??? 12/12 rounds

Armor Shatter : Bronze Skill
-Does xx neutral damage and lowers the targets elemental armor by xx for 10 secs. (Dodgeable projectile that has the same speed as ryker’s grenade launcher minus the aoe effect.)

Luck of the draw : Silver Skill
-Version 1 Does xx random elemental damage on a target and deals half damage on 2 nearby targets. (Undodgeable projectile similar to keel’s hook shot.)

-Version 2 Does xx elemental damage on 3 targets. Each target would receive a random element damage among the three. (ex. target 1 would receive mechanical damage. target 2 would receive energy damage. target 3 would receive bio chem damage. Undodgeable projectile similar to oro’s meltdown)

Renegade : Gold Skill
-After 3 successful hits on a target, turncoat changes into the element that the target is weak to. (ex. turns into energy element after hitting a biochem hero 3 times. no effect if target is already weak to current element.)

Opportunist : Platinum Skill
(WIP) Platinum Skill: Gains xx bonus elemental armor and damage depending on the current element.

So far this is the most balanced skillset i could come up with. Any suggestions are most welcome. Cheers!

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  1. Turncoat is the absolute perfect name for a champ with this concept (check out the the link).

  2. That Gold skill Renegade (also check the link) is also the perfect name AND sounds like an awesome description. It makes more sense for his “elemental switch” to be a passive, and to switch into the class that has a higher advantage over the elemental hero that he’s specifically targeting.

    • Try and think of how this would play out in an actual PvP match:

      • Situation #1: Turncoat vs. 1 Mech, 3 BioChem, 1 Energy Heroes
        - He can target the Energy hero (staying as Mech), but leave himself vulnerable to the 3 BioChem heros advantage over Mech.
        - He can also target the Mech hero, which would cause him to have an equal class as a majority of the enemies team (BioChem).
        - He can target the BioChem heros (turning Energy), which would cause him to have an equal class with the one other Energy, and leave himself vulnerable to the Mech Hero BUT, have an advantage over a majority of the team.

      • Situation #2: Turncoat vs. 3 Mech, 2 Energy Heros
        - He can target the Energy heros (staying as Mech), and give himself the equal class as the other 3 Mech heros.
        - He can target the Mech heros (becoming BioChem), but leave himself vulnerable to the Energy heros advantage over Biochem.

      • Situation #3: Turncoat vs. 4 BioChem, 1 Energy
        -He can target the Energy hero, just to get rid of him/her (say they’re Gammond, or someone amazing), but leave themselves vulnerable to the other 4 BioChem heros who have an advantage.
        -He can target the BioChem heros and wipe them out with his class advantage, and remain even with the Energy hero.

      These are only a few potential situations that I've come up with. 
      There are many other situations that can possibly occur. 
      REGARDLESS: Each situation would require a strategical plan for 
      the player to come up with. It would incorporate another aspect of 
      skill into the game (to be able to QUICKLY determine who you're
      going to target, and who you're going to leave yourself vulnerable 
      With this being said, I think it would be more balanced and fair
      for this champ to have an increased advantage over their elemental
      lesser (ex: Mech > Energy), and an increased disadvantage to their 
      elemental higher-up (ex: Mech < BioChem) *ONLY ONCE THEY'RE GOLD*
      (The Platinum skill could possibly increase the advantage and 
      decrease the disadvantage).
  3. The Bronze and Silver skills could use some more thought in my opinion.

EDIT: This would also require a strategical plan for the OPPOSING player, since they would have to switch over to another hero with an advantage over Turncoat depending on what his element currently is (if they wanted to target him).


Wow! thanks for the solid feed back.

  1. Ikr, It just ties everything up with his character.

  2. Very well said. A character with this kind of flexibility could make an interesting matchup that could change the landscape of your battle.

I think increasing his advantage over his elemental lesser might make him too OP. Just the ability to change elements at a whim is a huge advantage in itself. But it could also be the death of this hero. This is where team composition comes in. Its up to you on how you protect this hero.

And as you said the platinum skill is a double edged sword, making him a threat and a liability at the same time. It all depends on the hands of the player.

  1. I purposely made the bronze and silver skills to be generic since his gold mechanic already makes him so unique. I was also considering the fact that the AI should be able to perform just as well. With these skills, he is able to synergize with his own skills and its not too over complicated that the AI could still provide a good performance even when left alone.

Here is an example:

Armor Shatter : Bronze Skill
would not only increase his own damage output, but for your teamates as well. Its great for melting heroes that need to be taken out early. I made it dodgeable and single target only so it wont be too OP

Luck of the draw : Silver Skill
Version 1 would be a useful generic burst. Lets say you are currently on energy element mode and the skill does energy element as well, you would do bonus elemental damage as well and it would do a lot of damage. I made it generate a random element so it wouldn’t be too OP

Same applies for Version 2 albeit less chance of getting a bonus elemental damage. Im leaning towards this skill if Version 1 is too OP.

So overall I think I wanted to mold him into this burst DPS hero that is risky and powerful at the same time

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