Regarding Pvp tiers and effort

First off I want to thank you for making a very cool and enjoyable game that is worth my time and money. But there are of course things that could be better.

Pvp for instance is one of them.

How is it that the top 5000 players in pvp all recieve the same basic rewards of 2000shards and 50 stam?

Yesterday while farming pvp (and getting to 11th) I recived over 10000shards… what I am saying is that shards are worthless…and should not be a reward at all because you get them while trying to achieve rank. Rather, there should be a steady increase in stamina given out.

1-10: 200 stam
11-50: 150 stam
51-100: 100 stam

This sort of thing would be ideal. Also the new hero shards are great and all…but regardless of if you are 4999th or 11th…you cant get enough shards to make the hero in one go…how rediculous is that? Only 10 players get to use fisher? And lets make no mistake…these are almost ALWAYS THE SAME 10 players who have been playing the game for ages. What you are doing is simply increasing the gap between the top and the rest… please make top 100 get 60 hero shards instead of 55…

55 hero shards for top 100… is kind of a slap in the face… what reason do I have to push past top 100? Very very little…getting to top 10 is actually impossible for a newer players.

And…what is the point of ranking alliances in these events…and not giving out alliance rewards?


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I have to agree with @Harddeck, though I am competitive every event it is quite impossible to get top 10. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could also get the hero. Every event we get put further and further behind.

As far as the PvP shards and energy goes, I do agree with you there. I think there should be a steady increase as you rank higher…

However, I do not agree with what you’re saying about the new hero shards. When a new hero is released, there are TWO pvp events. This was only the first event… Everyone who was in the top 5,000 (which I’m sure was everyone who reached Division 1) will get the second half of their 30/60 fragments for Fischer in another event to come.
Only 10 people were able to obtain Fischer in this first event, everyone else will obtain him in the next one, which will come soon.


Completely agree with Poob. Same thing happened with yanglong in the last pvp event. Although 10 people are able to get him as of today, it’s not like there is going to be another event where he is a bonus hero where they are the only ones who benifit from having him.

Quite frankly, I feel you are contradicting yourself with this post. You have a problem with people at higher tiers getting the same reward as lower ones when it comes to stamina and pvp shards, but are saying that people who are in the higher tiers don’t deserve to have this new hero before the majority of other players. Having an extra week to level up one hero to gold is not making the gap any larger, especially if they choose not to level him up.

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He definitely has a point about creating a larger gap between the top players and the rest. Sure, in a normal situation you could say you worked hard and deserved to be there, but I’m talking about the players who had a massive head start on everyone else (beta).

We will never catch up to them when they dominate the top 50 positions and keep getting the top tier rewards. Eventually it might not be an issue when lvl 60/plat comes out but that is a looooong way away.

I do agree about the massive play time difference between beta and some of the players can have a big effect on outcomes but this last pvp event saw 8 players in the top 20 that were not apart of the beta, and the brawl event was won by a guy who started less then two months ago. Part of their success is focusing on 1-2 teams that are as strong as you can get currently (gold 4 bar) and having good knowledge of how to counter other teams.

I don’t think its unreasonable to think new players can’t compete older players, you just need to know how to do it for the time being. Obviously people below level 55 currently are going to have a tough time getting in the top 20, but that’s part of the grind of the game right now…we have been giving the time to try and catch up to some of the older players with the level cap and platinum not being in the game yet. Even with over a year played for some people, they still can only get as high as gold 4 right now just the same as anyone. Although some may have many heroes at that point right now, the results from the last event shows that even having only a limited amount of you heroes at he max can still make you competitive.

I think you are refering to REASER who is very much an outlier who puts in hours and hours a day farming shards. I think what I am getting at is that there is really a very very small difference between 30shards of the new hero (for 5000) and 55shards (for 11-100) but the insane amount of time needed to get to top100 is massive…if I wanted fisher in two events I would have needed to pvp for maybe 2 hours…maybe… but if you are looking at Reaser for instance you will notice he has 6 characters over 8* and 4gold ranks while all the others are barely lvled. Yes you can do this…but grinding with the same heros all the time probably isnt good for the game long term.

I can get over the new hero shard thing much easier than the constant rewards of pvp shards and stamina. If they changed that and maybe added alliance rewards I would feel a lot better about putting that time in.


Yea I understand where you are coming from, at the end of the day see are all competing against each other, it’s up to you if you want to spend the time and energy to make a push for better rewards. Although getting 30 or 55 does not matter to much for his event as you can’t unlock him yet, if you wanted to continue to star him up once you unlock, the more you are able to get as rewards the less you would have to use the element shards or whatever. It all just depends on if the grind is worth it for you or not…kind of like the same reason you decide to choose one hero to max first over the another one.

I think this next pvp event kind of addresses the need for some sort of unique reward, with the new portrait flairs you earn depending on your rank, along with decent rewards. Also your last point, a few of the previous pvp events have had separate alliance events with them. This last one did not but there has been some in the past.

I will admit I find this new event very cool, but I guess we will have to see how good it is. Cheers.

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