Shards For Heros

To the Dev:

Hi, my name is jedi2832, i run the PTW (pay to win) & PTW2 Alliance, first of all i want to say we really love the games, thats why combined we probably spend more money on this game than any other alliance, most of our players are vip11+
I think i speak for all the new players when i say, its really tough to catch up to the beta players, especially with the increase in level and release of platinum and all the new heros thats coming up, beta player are going to have an edge in alliance ranking in all the major events, they can upgrade new heros easily with all the shards they saved.
I hope there is way to increase the shards we get for older heros for new players, or vip players, more ways to get hero shards to catch up, or if i’m spending real money, maybe get more shards per hero.

thx for reading.

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I agree with Jedi. Perhaps remove free tickets from PvP chests for VIP players, and add additional gold, energy or hero shards/fragments. This way we still have to work for them. Or perhaps allow us to exchange free win tickets for shards or energy.

Are you saying that it’s not fair for someone who’s been playing for longer to have an edge?

Is it fair that you yourself have an edge against someone who starts today?

I’m not sure I follow your logic here, especially since both 941 and 808 have talented guys from global launch putting up great numbers, and the third place alliance in the last event were pretty much all new guys.


It’s definitely a bit unfair for global player that started late and with no option of catching up. What i am asking for is an option for new player to catch up faster, there are other games that does it, some mmorpg give new player max level charcter like WOW and many other games give new player a boost

As the founder of 941, first of all I’m happy to see the new guys doing so well, it took me months to do what you have done easily with the newer game setup. Secondly to get to the big numbers you have to ply almost round the clock. I can sense your frustration, but I do believe things are equaling out faster than you think. Even with all the new heroes most are still using the original ones as a core. I have no saved frags for heroes and play pvp all the time to get them, almost as much without an event as when there is one.
Our alliance I would say is nearly half new guys.



I don’t really think 808 and 941 are really representative of the average beta player. They have a bunch of players who have arguably spent as much or more than most of the PTW guys. There’s probably only half a dozen or so players that actually have the stockpiles of shards just lying around.

Global players (that spend a lot and play a lot) are catching up super fast to some of the Betas that only had the benefit of a headstart. The other thing to realize is that the game has changed a lot since it first appeared in Beta. We didn’t have any gold items, only had like 3 districts and there was only a dozen or so Heroes initially. It’s been a long road to get to where the game is now.

It’s maybe not entirely fair, but allowing New players to just “skip ahead” to a competitive level is sorta a huge slap in the face to everyone who had been playing forever but wasn’t super op.

Hell, even I’m at VIP 11 and have no where near maxing out anything at gold-4 10-stars and I’ve been playing longer than a year. Personally i would feel pretty shitty if my ‘relatively high level’ shit tons of efforts could just be “skipped” by a new player.


So mutch i want i want i want… You are on the game like 2month… and like 215k Power! you catched up like 80% of the betas… the one with 300k over like me hafe spend at least 1000€ or and hafe played dayle 100 of PVP matches… Sorry just Play a bit Longer befor bagging for free candy! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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So all the player that says dont change anything is beta players, i think the devs should do a survey on all the new players and not just get opinion from the top tier players, see what the new players feel about the massive amount of heros and the items needed to get it powered up.

I play for 808 and I am a global player.

Yes I am vip12 but i have been competing at this high level now for a month or so.

Regularly I face other beta players in 941 for example and the matches are quite even.

I think we have caught up enough now, I do know in other games you get ‘starter packs’ but these are mainly with the time based building games as its completely impossible to compete on them games.

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Most games wipe players after a CLOSED beta, this one did not giving an innate large advantage to any beta players.

Anybody who joined after the full release be it first day or just recently the argument isn’t the same, it’s the full release and anybody could have downloaded it when it was released the option was there.

The problem with snowballing content for people that can’t possibly catch up is that there are still issues with the game first of all that should be addressed.

With the Kunoichi Brawl the scores weren’t reset from when they had issues and some folks who would have gotten their matches in before a reset to count for the Brawl could not and without the reset some individuals simply got free points that other players didn’t have an option. Like the beta players this gave an advantage to a select few individuals that the majority couldn’t have gotten even if they wanted to.

Furthermore releasing content after content without any increase to obtain items means that folks that weren’t capped before fall further and further behind in the resources they need it leads to people getting fatigued, feeling like they can never get anywhere if the game keeps piling on and on and with the limitations set in game the average player can’t possibly hope to catch up even a vip player that doesn’t spend on stamina can’t get ahead of the requirements to outpace the content drops.

It takes 2625 fragments to go from 1 to 10 stars a farmable hero from hard gets 9 fragments a day maximum in most cases that means to get somebody like Chesterfield without any supplements to 10 stars it takes 292 days to 10 star him for free and they release 2 new heroes roughly every month with even more limited way to get frags for them especially those whom didn’t have a couple hundred days head start who have an innate power disadvantage and thus earn less points per win for the tournament because they pre-registered for the game, but when they were allowed in were still a couple hundred days behind since there wasn’t a wipe.

Vip gives few benefits that really help players, mostly it offers more ways to spend gold and the price points for those options aren’t worth IMO. 750 Gold for 30 fragments for instance in the Blackmarket when 300 ensures att least 60 fragments should you buy a hero crate essentially they’re charging you a 20 gold premium per fragment just for being able to pick the hero those fragments apply to. Reset hard mode for the option for 3 more fragments takes 50 gold that’s an 11 gold premium for what tend to be lackluster characters and it cost you the additional stamina to replay those missions. Simply put hero fragment price points are just skewed to random crates or extremely over priced should you get to pick your hero which is a little absurd considering if you get a hero to 10 star you can start farming elemental fragments which could then be applied to any hero you want anyway.

While I’m not fully agreeing with jedi that the game should favor VIP players that much more in terms of content creating a further imbalances than there already is in the game the VIP perks are pretty lack luster. I certainly don’t agree with him that beta players have an innate advantage in all major events as activity can certainly trump actual power in several events and if a Beta player has lower activity for the event even if they have more power they’re not going to contribute as much as a non-beta player and if that beta player had limited activity during the beta chances are their power level isn’t anywhere near the folks that have the majority of their heroes 10*. High VIP players already have a large innate advantage compared to free players in competitive modes there really doesn’t need to be a further sense that one needs to pay to compete IMO. As for the final statement the people spending real money do get advantages in terms of shards they purchase gold, gold purchases crates, crates give shards in effect you are getting more shards per hero by paying and that gives the advantage over free to play, but you also end up getting an extra free gauntlet reset which has the capacity to give more dogface fragments per day and an extra pvp life per hero gives more opportunities to farm PVP for PVP hero fragments the latter also gives a competitive advantage to put up higher scores in tournaments and would even if a free to play player matches their power through hard work so that’s an advantage a free player can NEVER catch up to beta or otherwise. Where I do agree is that VIP perks shouldn’t just be more ways to spend money, but in the same spirit as what Jedi is hoping to achieve that players can catch up to beta players it shouldn’t give an innate competitive advantage either and thus should remove the option to revive more and the extra life in favor of advantages to evolve heroes more quickly as a pay for speed incentive rather than pay for an ‘unfair’ advantage incentive.

IMO vip perks should be reworked to have:

  • More hard wins per day to increase the farming potential of hard mode farmable characters.
  • Reduced COST to refresh the store effectively letting VIPs purchase more fragments by less waste refreshing the store once something is sold out.
  • Percent chance to get bonus rewards from pvp crates like how you get double rewards from the login bonuses.
  • Increased drop chances for equipment based on vip

They should not have anything that confers a direct competitive advantage and thus should have:

  • PVP revives limit bonuses removed
  • Additional PVP lives removed
  • Additional Bounty Stamina Purchases Removed
  • Additional Coop Raid Purchases Removed (Due to the alliance raid events)

That way everybody eventually caps out the same or similarly since by default the VIP players would still have substantial advantages in farming fragments and equipment for the events, but for the most part they would lose their direct advantages in PVP and Alliance events creating an even playing field for even power players and would gain advantages in level up their characters reaching maximum level more easily which would be in-line with Jedi’s desire to “catch up” to players that have been around a longer period of time whether it be launch players catching up to beta players or players just joining now catching up to launch players. Additionally once a player is capped not worrying about pay to win advantages creates a more even end-game environment regardless of how they got there be it hard work or paid acceleration.


Take a look at this, we have comparable heroes, power level, and he’s got a maxed Galante just in time for the event, he’s in a MUCH better position than I am. He’s going to eat through Bounties if it features Galante again.

He’s 68 days played. He certainly caught up just fine. Give it two more months, and you won’t see much difference anymore between him and I. Stats like his was certainly impossible to achieve in 2 months in Beta, no matter what VIP level you were.


I really don’t see the point of all the hate for beta players, there’s a very small portion of players that have over 200 days played and are still active in the game. Yes, inherently they will have more time to accumulate shards and what not, but that’s the case for any game no matter what time you start playing it.

Also, I think the devs have gave us AMPLE enough time to try and catch up to these players. It’s been close to three months since the global release and the cap has only increased by 5 levels with gold 4 always being the top. I know many players who have started since the release who have heros at that point already and have been waiting for the next update coming out in May. This has been enough time for most people, if you played right and active, to get almost a full team ready to go for platinum.

Shards are a different situation. Heros like maven, Salvador, and surge will obviously be stronger the longer you have played for (assuming you do dailys). Hard mode shards are a little less like that, as you have to actually go and farm them every day, it’s more of the person decision wether to do that or not. Now for pvp shards, this is entirely based on if you want to grind that’s more or not. I’ve seen people with 10 star gammonds with only 60 days played because they love to play pvp and focused all there rewards into that hero. I guess my point is some players will have an advantage with time, but many of the ways to get the shards are based on if the player actually wants to farm them or not.

This is the keyboard battle of the 1%. Haha like a plea to make the game more pay to win. We should call this thread, The Plight of the Bourgeoisie haha

how is this asking for game to be more pay to win, i’m asking for a way to get more shards, another example, league of legends have alot heros, older heros are cheaper to unlock as time goes on, and the league just changed it recently so its easier to unlock heros. this game have 50+heros, its hard for new player to acquire and play all the heros, not just vip players, as long time go, more and more heros are release, how is the new players gonna catch up on getting all the heros to play???

26 of the 52 avaible heros at the time of this post are obtainable by playing the basic modes of the game (pvp, gauntlet, hard missions). Another 5 were through events and co-op raids. We are now up to 31 you can get by just playing.

Now, the hero chest is 300 gold, if you are active and do daily missions, you can get 1 every ten days and that’s without any extra gold income (pvp crates, tapjoy). That allows access to 16 heros you can’t farm in the game but by just playing, you will eventually get. This is were people think this game is pay to win, because people want what they can’t have and think it’s never fair for it to be that way. Because someone decided to spend money to get these heroes “earlier” then they may get them, doesn’t mean it’s unfair.

Every current hero has been/are obtainable by playing the game. There are only 4 not available right now as they were event based, but they make there rounds every event and have special crates come up for them, yanglong, scum, kunoichi, and Fischer. It takes time to get some, but you can get all of them without spending anything on this game.

its about incentivize new player to keep playing the game, if its hard to obtain hero and there are so many hero to obtain, would player want to play the game? can low power new player really get ranked high enough to get the new hero shard? not to mention have to grind to get items to lvl up hero, do new player have enough patience and time to do that? i’m all for new player to catch up to us vip player that spends money.

You keep comparing a game that’s less than 3 months old to WoW that’s been out for 15 years and LoL that’s been out for almost a decade. Not to mention both of those games only introduced the fast-forward mechanics in their mid-life when people started losing interest. And WoW as I remember did it only for getting the levels up, not end-game content.

Give it a few more months.


I agree with tunamelt on this one, it is way to early for a “fast forward mechanism” we need to give some time to the game still way to early, anyways the next update does include new ways to get fragments with the alliance store might be something that could help people get more fragments.

Also just trying to give feedback some limited time offert would not hurt but they need to be available for everyone and have a limit on how many you can get, games usually release those on holidays

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All I’m saying is they have done a good job giving us options to obtain heros. In response, I could also ask how to incentivize players to continue playing this game once they hit the cap and have the heroes they want? I mean, it takes days to get a hero from gold to gold 4, why would anyone want to spend time doing that, what’s the point of trying to improve what you have?

Like every other game similar to this you have to play the game for more then a day to have fun with it and get more of the content. I’ve never seen a successful game that allows players to have everything they need at the highest level when they first start out. They may have packages that help you out, and quicken the pace it takes to get to that point, but they never fully give you everything.

Also, most of the heros are only 40-60 shards to obtain, that’s the same number of pvp wins (which would probably be a lot less) and like 6 days of doing hard missions…if that’s not reasonable for you then I can’t help you with that.


mobile game does not really have the lifespan of a pc game or video game, its normally much shorter, and people dont like to grind on phones, the dev should have the statistics on how many players are coming and leaving, i just find it overall people lose interest in this game very fast, give new player an easier way of obtaining hero and lvling them up might help them stay in the game longer.