Remove match-end deaths from kill feed

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This suggestion has in mind the Heroes that have spawns like turrets, clones and drones. They automatically deadify themselves at the end of the match for whatever reason. That’s fine, but I’d like these autokills be removed from the kill feed at the bottom during play because it hides who actually got the last hit on the enemy.
I’m fairly certian it’s possible to implement because the game already has instances where the kills aren’t in the feed like in campaign missions where the wave is deathed by a barrage of missiles or something.
I think everyone knows the turrets and stuff suicides themselves at the end of the mission. Having the feed being clogged by information I already know and hiding information I don’t know does me no good. Am I the only one slightly bothered by this?

Personally, I don’t know if that would be entirely necessary. Drone spawns don’t destruct upon entering the next wave, so it does help to have that reminder that your Castellan or Halloway no longer have their spawns.

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I had in mind the spawn deaths at the very end of a mission. When you kill the last enemy and the camera zooms in on the last body. When there’s a bunch of spawns around the camera focuses on one of the allied Heroes instead of the enemy that died. Whatever spawns are alive/dead at that point is irrelevant

Yes, who cares who got the last hit


If no one’s caring, why is it there in the first place? If it’s not important enough then fine, remove it entirely and I have no problem. My issue with it is that it’s presenting information that I can’t view at the end of a mission when there’s spawners around

The problem I’ve noticed is if striker has her suicide drones at the end of the match it crashes the game. Wasted too much energy in extreme mode dealing with that

I personally don’t think it’s much neccesary, though i get where the feeling comes from

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