Hero Hunters Feedback

There are some things that I have noticed and wanted to let developers know:

  • Why we have to play x4 coops like Spray or Die?
    It’s just time-consuming and we get only 200 tokens. I think it would be great if the skin got increased the drop rate. I have played all the Spay or Die coops and the previous ones. Unfortunately, I have missed out the last 3 skins.
    Let us play it x2 with 400 tokens for each run.

  • The same goes for Gorgon coops. x6 is way too long and the rewards aren’t appealing.

  • On auto mode, I have noticed that many characters use their skill to an enemy where the camera points to even if you target the enemy you want to attack. Ex: Wesson.

-Reload issue: I have noticed some hero like Prophet, Nightingale reload the clip even they have 1 bullet in their magazine.

-War server: When it resets, it is unplayable and I have seen many people complain about it.

  • Pvp and Bounty servers: I have a full connection, my internet is fine. However, halfway through I lose connection and when I reset/reconnect back the match has already ended.

  • Please decrease the bullet spread of Klayton. It feels like a pies shooter.

I would appreciate it if the developers can look into it and give us an update if possible.
Please don’t take it negatively, it is how I am feeling about the game.


The coops I like the idea of, the shooting clip problem is known and they are actually shooting all their clip but it doesn’t look or sound like it. The AI also uses skills when it feels like it to incentivise you to not play on auto lol.

War lag has also become non existent as of recent feedback back and forth with the devs. However some other problems like chat and PvP have increased, I suspect it’s a latency connection problem that causes the WiFi sign of death in the middle of matches.

Thanks for the feedback!

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