Alliance store restock?

The title says it all. Every other store has a restock, give the alliance store a restock for alliance gems.

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You cant restock the heronium store too.

Why do you want to restock it? You will not have enough aliance gems to buy all the stuff in there anyway.

And since there are 7* and 5* heroes in it, it would be to easy to get them if you could restock.


I agree with WalleWu.

And even if you can’t restock, each item (except 1) can be purchased many times. Thus the restock option is more or less already built-in, without spending extra store coins.

I will agree that you will lose out on the ‘ramdom items’. But then, just stack your store coins for next day. or the one after that.

Alliance store is soooooooo nice now for me. I buy gold stars, gold knives from there all the time. And you can buy quite a few of them per day if you have the alliance gems for it.

The restock for pvp store will only reset the number of frags per hero available but won,t change the heroes per say.
The gauntlet restock has 3(5) items that always stay the same and 7(5) items that are random.

I never hit restock on black market, cause quite frankly, it changes often enough per day by itself.

Since there is no exact model to which each store abide by, i believe you should enjoy the diversity of each for what it is.

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I have 13k alliance gems to do nothing with. I buy the frags for the heroes that I want, and the other items are irrelevant to me at the moment.

i would buy skin tokens if nothing else is of interest. there at least you could use them to upgrade skins or to buy skin crates.

You’re definitely doing the alliance store wrong then. It is BY FAR the best way to get gold/plat throwing stars, swords, and knives. I’m guessing you’re a pretty low level and don’t have need for many gold stars/knives? Either that of you’re seriously hurting your own progression by wasting stamina on those items.


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