Restock idea

So you know how you can restock the black market,pvp market,gauntlet market well I want one for the herouim store and alliance store because it’s frustrating to not get what want but then I can have one more chance to restock so I feel like you should make it so every shop should have a restock
Comment if you agree


I have thought this before too, but then again I think it makes sense since you get way less heronium/alliance gems compared to the currencies used by the other markets

I have 25k alliance gems. Am I the only one? O.o

HHG is using no resets on the heronium store as a way to put the brakes on unchecked top end advancement. I’m paraphrasing but they have said as much.

1 reset would be nice though, or a small increase of the 60 max frags each type

I guess it depends on your level and how many gems you spend. If you don’t spend them then of course you end up having a ton of them

@GTSaiko I’m sitting on 40k right now :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you guys not spending them on things like equipment, hero frags, and if nothing else, skin tokens? You could go through 2700 a day just on skin tokens.

No way I’m wasting that currency on skin tokens. I already have all the skins that I really want. I could burn my alliance gems buying plat materials for future upgrades, or to max Galante /Callidus, but I’d rather keep my gems to buy heroes I like or gold shurikens.

In the future, the alliance store may get pinned a hero I like, so saving these gems instead of using them randomly seems good to me

I keep a stock pile as well, “just in case”. At 25k+ it would take you half a month of buying 3x hero frags per day (if a new hero got pinned) to go through your current stock pile. That’s not including gems you earn every day either, or through special events.

@Deathleech Skin tokens seem like a waste right now for me. There’s no skins I really care about aside from the ones I already have. I buy gold stars and knives every time they show up. I also buy silver fuel cells and plat equipment as I need them. Hero frags, I’ll buy if it’s a hero I care about.

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