The Alliance Shop Needs a Revamp - At least For Me

I personally have nothing to buy from the alliance store. Nothing. Occasionally I get lucky and buy the fragments for heroes I want, but the number of fragments are minimal and because it’s random I can never unlock heroes. Also, the pinned fragments are OK at best. We all know that Galante as a joke and Callidus is subpar. The other items in the shop are not relevant to me as I have not ever needed them. If I were to reinvent the shop, I’d replace the fragments of Galante and Callidus with Hiemlock Fragments and Ronin Fragments (two characters that I’d like to further build, so the selection is completely biased). I’d keep the Core MK1 fragments as they might be useful later in the game. Overall, I’d like to see a little revamp for the alliance shop (especially the fragments).

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Silver fuel cells, gold swords, occasional frags, some times I even buy a few skin tokens. I think the store serves a purpose.

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Patience just the alliance store is slow but combined with the black market I unlocked Heimlock, and Francoise. Now I am working on the 7*'s and at 255 for Prophet.

If you’re not finding anything of value in the alliance store, then you are doing it alllll wrong. The alliance store is an absolute godsend for throwing stars and knives. I buy all of the golds of these every time they’re there. Like ULFPAM mentioned too, silver fuel cells and swords are amazing to have available as well.

The amount of stamina you can save because of the alliance store is huge. I haven’t spent stamina on gold stars/knives in a long time; which is a huge help since the drop rate is so low for them.


i agree i actually think the alliance store has it all frags for useful heroes and gold gear that saved me lots of time farming and stamina

Ally store is largely for the equipment and skin tokens imo. The frag options are limited, but thats what the heronium store is for once you get a guy or 2 to 10*. The only frags I do buy on every restock is the first spot which is a random hero with only 1 purchase. The cost for these is always cheap and always worth buying. Even on lesser heroes imo.

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