Youtube and streaming content, QUESTION FOR THE DEVS!


I am beginning to seriously start adding Hero Hunters content to a youtube channel, much of which contains analysis and such. Is it ok to post links to the videos on the forum? I don’t want make that mistake.


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You are definitely allowed to post links to any and all content you create about Hero Hunters. Just make sure you properly post it to the Community Gallery section of our Forums.

Can’t wait to check out what you’ve created :slight_smile:

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What if the content is specifically related to feedback and hero discussion? Still post it in community gallery?

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General Hero Hunters Discussion should be reserved for posts that merit discussion. If you have an opinion you want to share and others might find it useful that is a great place to post those sorts of things. If you would like too you can also include links to other media that you’ve found or created if it helps the discussion.

Use your best judgement, the sort of content you’ve created would decide the best place to share it.

Here are a couple examples;

General Discussion/Feedback:

  • Hero reviews
  • Tips and tricks
  • Gameplay with narration

Community Gallery:

  • Funny glitches
  • Fan art
  • Memes

Thanks thats really helpful, content incoming.