RIP nightengale

well… after the last update i’ve started to realize just how hard they nerfed nights heal. flatline has replaced her as a top support hero… you all probably remember my crazy angry rants about how unfair she was 4 months ago, and they abruptly stopped 3 months ago because i maxed her out and was enjoying winning so easy. well, those good days are over, that heal nerf was massive but needed. makes the gameplay more fair, just so upsetting they tamper with the scales so much. but i just wanted to make an ode to the good nightengale days… august-december 2018 - RIP!

now real quick, if the next new hero is an op support hero because of healing (as opposed to sheild and dps buffs) then nerfing night was a calculated decision. but anyway i’m at least glad i don’t have those GODKR guys rollin and runnin around all over the map with night bein all slippery… curious how they will fair the change since they seemed to make a bunch of their members crazy good at pvp. -shout out to GODKR for their skills-

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I can’t honestly see much of a difference in Nightingale and I don’t see Flatline more than before. But if Flatline start appearing more I’ll just kill her, she’s not meta material.

Indeed, Nightingale is junk now and better without her skin.

Her stun virtually never procs anymore. I miss that interrupt more than her healing. I think she’s decent at best now. She’s no longer a must take. Now its just the trash mauler/halo meta that needs to be tuned waaaaaaaay down.

Stun? Healing? Lol… Okay for his healing it was good… Still? Her stun is convenient when it pops but what makes Nightingale an excellent hero is her mark with the big atk buff! And not only she still is one of the only 2 markers in the game and she still have the buff… The other being Wesson and he’s Hum…

Her healing is more reasonable now though her plat still infuriates me when it’s combo’d with Mandrake and the dude is just rolling invisible healing 10k+ per second from damn passives.

Nightingale is still practically mandatory due to her insane silver and fast 1-target heal.

Flatline isn’t strong because of Nightingale nerfs but because of Panzer being pretty bad at taking her out now. There are other mechs who can take her out but they are more reliant on accuracy and headshots, so you end up getting back to the problem of where players can just roll Flatline around in the backline and she becomes absurdly hard to kill.

I did state months ago that Flatline was one of the “must nerfs” along with Nightingale, Mauler, Mandrake, and Panzer. Her gold is just antithetical to fun or balanced gameplay, it acts like a free instant rez up to every 10 seconds and it heals her more than it hurts her. Passives that allow healers to do tons of healing without having to shoot or use skills are inevitably cancerous. Most bio DPS is simply unusable right now simply because Flatline teams can be almost unbreakable.

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Flatline is a flake. She has nothing to keep her alive. If she had more hp and def then her skills could be nerfed. Definitely hate the rolling heroes. Makes PvP quite unbearable at times when some heroes like Nightingale and especially Keel can just roll about and do nothing for the win. Nightingale with skin is far worse than Nightingale without skin. Seems stupid to use her skin now since it makes her heals pathetically inept.

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I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but my Nightingale is still MVP most of the time with state of the art healing.

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not my nightingale and i have her 10* and 2 plat stripes but since the nerf i am losing almost all mathces i used to win with her and my top team


I rarely ever see Nightingale anymore at the 70k+ range. Instead the new meta is Halo/Mauler/Ifrit and then either Caine, Flatline, Mandrake, or Ronin sprinkled in. Once in awhile Moss or Nightingale will be there, but not often.

What amazes me is how out of touch with the community the developers are. The Panzer/Gale/Mandrake/Ifrit/Flatline meta has been on the decline for months now. So, what do they do? Further nerf Panzer and Gale while buffing other heroes. What they SHOULD have done is left these heroes alone and kept buffing others that are under utilized. Panzer and Nightingale aren’t the OP power houses they once were after the numeroues nerfs they have recieved. Meanwhile 90% of teams I face are Halo/Ifrit/Mauler, and what do they do about them? Leave them untouched other than a small skin nerf to Mauler.

The developers need to get their crap together and start being more proactive. They are doing everything 3-6 months AFTER when it should be done (and is no longer really even a problem). I know they say they don;t want to make hasty decisions that will imbalance the game, but they are making things even worse by waiting around not taking action until it’s no longer needed, THEN and only then do they nerf heroes.


i absolutely agree i play pvp a lot and i am facing 90% plus of the time mauler and halo teams with 70k plus teams that the match doesn even last 15 seconds.
after the night and panzer started to cool down they get nerfed to the ground