Rolling fatigue

Hi guys,

I have a suggestion I would dearly love implemented. Let me pitch it to you:

Ever tired of Panzer* having the acrobatics skills of a before Zero Day top athlete? Ever wonder what goes through a person’s mind when they take stop drop and roll a pinch too far? Well lucky for you, as you are about to find out it will become FAKE NEWS?

That’s right! With my new contraption, called RollAway™! Now, after switching cover over three times in very short time those jerry Panzers* will tire out and no longer be able to vertically 360 your brave heroes and then proceed to 420 them after blazing off her skills for a limited time of 5 seconds! HHG did not believe it, but she done it!

Call now and I will innumerably quantify the offer to extend to every single hero on the battlefield. Wow! But I’m not done yet, exclaim your hatred for these heroes who have more spin cycles than laundromats right now, and I might even remove last man standing stealth on your boy Mandrake*!

All this for… a little dev time! That’s right! Don’t let rollers get away anymore with RollAway™ and put them back into their physics abusing graves! Usually the sky, team gorgon style!

  • actors are not real but represent a possibly real product, Ts and Cs apply, see imaginary leaflet for more info

I like it. Add a “weight” parameter to each character. The higher “weight” the less likely are they to be able to roll around like mad forever. This doesn’t stop Nightingale from rolling around but someone with a heavy armour like Panzer would feel the effect.

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ooh that’s great, i’m already could imagine that

fatigue status for 1-3 secs
applies every time (or after 3 times in a row a hero rolling without stopping for 3sec)

maybe just give debuffs like:
disoriented+silence or
reduce attack+defense

Aw comon Duke, you’re like the KING of rolling around… lol I could hardly kill your Flatline and Nightingale today, if it were not for some luck. They were like on roller skates or something!

GG by the way thanks for the game.

But as to your overall point, yeah I am sick of rollers too. I especially hate the Dogface rollers, curse them! Second would be the high-starred Flatline and Nightingale rollers.

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With the current state of pvp rolling around is the only way to save your squishy heroes from Panzer. If they change that I would like to have that implemented too.

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Hero stamina, i like your humorous approach XD

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Sadly the 30 second rolling around is mandatory to avoid murder by panzer, it is the only time I am forced to use the tactic myself I shamefully admit.

Well buddy, we all are guilty of it cos we need to survive. No shame man.

I had a guy message me after a game once and he basically said why I kept on running (he had me on the ropes a couple times but I managed to escape, get healed and squeeze out the win in the end)… I mean, what am I supposed to do, stand still and let him shoot me? Doesn’t work like that.

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Haha to make the game more fun to play I created the post to address it anyway. I don’t mind disadvantages as this roll mechanic can be horribly exploited, so I still stick to my guns on this thread. I don’t wanna see this kind of tactic due to the following reasons:

  • Lag: Someone who switches cover constantly has also the power of hit boxes abuse. Aiming at the person no longer suffices and a few millimeters in front does not always trigger a hit, even if the crosshair x for a hit appears. I call them ‘glancing’ hits, but have never heard a dev use the term as an intended feature to create randomness to mess with us.
  • adds unnecessary survivability to a “stick” back line character. Tinier and skinnier targets can make even more use of aforementioned tactic.
  • Dr mandre: seriously, anyone using his last man standing technique to first of all timeout a fight to save his heart in stealth is the opposite of a chad.

If the change were to go through, of course that would arbitrarily empower panzer as no one can outroll the shottie shells in time, unless you roll out the second before a cover gets wrecked.

Furthermore, characters like maven would get a chance, force a few rolls and then she can lob all her stuff. Won’t she be happy she doesn’t have to face butters with the rolling skills of a ninja?

I love both, the idea of preventing endless rolling, and the way it’s presented. 10/10 would read again

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That was a good idea, it can make a disrupter heroes like oracle become a new raising favorite star… :grinning:

now everybody will love her eventually… :grin:

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