Fatigue meter

Dear devs, make the fatigue meter and stop this endless rat races in PVP. This is a shooter game, not Subway Surfers. Ok, sometimes you really need dodge the incoming damage, but abuser of this mechanic run from start of each battle. I don’t know anyone who like this. Everyone say what this completely wast of personal time. Like abuse of invisibility of Mandrake when draw game was even with one live hero. Even Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider have fatigue meter and don’t allow players possibility of endless running.


This is the very reason we have heroes that can root or slow enemies. If a hero is frozen in place, they are more vulnerable to being targeted and eliminated.

If you’re struggling to lock down an enemy, use these heroes:

Jarek (best response to rollers in the game)
Surge (phenomenal controller)

And several others…I didn’t even mention the heroes that stun. I like it when opponents scurry around to be honest, as it raises the stakes.


Captain Obvious will proud of your comment, but in real game all your words is completely useless. All this heroes need a time for charge their skills and all of this skills work only short time (plus don’t any players have all heroes). When abusers of run function don’t have any limits. So welcome to the real world, Neo. Knuck-knuck, lol.

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Edited to remove what was an admittedly excessive response.

Cross is available to all heroes, and his passive skill slows down any hero he hits. He does probably need some reworking before he becomes viable, though. Antidote is maybe his most interesting skill, but the heal is so low and the cleansing so infrequent that it’s kinda meh.

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I’d like to say it, but I don’t.

I concur, the 3 lives heart meter needs to go.

Well, I would consider some weight to your claim, except that I have beaten rolling teams before, one against a particularly annoying Astrix. Rollers have weaknesses, and those weaknesses can be exploited.

The point is this, there are nearly 80 characters in the game, 80 tools. That’s a lot of options. Plus, any time an enemy is rolling, they can’t shoot or use their skills, thus giving you time to use a skill on them.

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Rolling is a waste most of the time because if you’re rolling, you aint shooting. But with some heroes, e.g. Kurtz, you’re really just hoping he stays alive long enough to heal and charge his skills. I would argue that the problem is not with rolling, but with Kurtz.