Save loadouts?

I personally would like an option to save loadouts so so when I select heroes for PvP or a mission I can select a full team to use for it instead of scrolling through my guys. It’s not entirely that I’m lazy either. I like to experiment loadouts so being able to put heroes into a saved team to experiment with later or test multiple times in different modes so be useful since I don’t have the best memory. This could literally just be a tab in the hero upgrades menu or on the side of a missions menu that you could pop out by tapping an arrow or something then edit teams like how you select teams for alliance wars.


This is a great idea especially, as mentioned, for experimenting with loadouts. I’m always trying to find a way to use different heroes so this idea would make remembering what works a lot easier.

Or if we can filter loadouts by elements. For example in bounties, if it’s a green bounty, it would be nice if we can filter to only show blue heroes to use for that bounties.

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