Set teams for bounty

It would be nice if we could set teams for bounty, something like 3 or 4 set teams for each element (energy, mech, bio). Would save alot of time finding each hero for teams/combos that we use for different level bounties. It would be alot simpler clicking one already formed team rather than finding (and remembering) individual heros for a team. Thanks.


Not all the heroes you’ll need will have a bonus, so you’d just have a basic team. Or you could click the organization buttons to go through them.

I get that, most people use a mix of bonus heros and non bonus heros…having the ability to create set teams for each bounty (changes can be made) would make things easier.

I like this. This can be good for just about every game mode.

The ability to select upto 5 preset load outs from your team roster would be ace!!
imo it doesn’t need to be linked to bounty or any other game type… just include an edit button so we can change them when we need to and job done :slight_smile:

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Why just bounties? Why not have like preset loadouts like Hearthstone has custom decks that we can just tap and apply to a match. Ik Hero Hunters keeps your most recent hero loadout for campaign, bounties, raids, etc, why not keep like the most recent 3? It’d be a start, and a little easier for the devs to implement. But yeah, I’d like a feature like this implemented to a few modes

If it seems easy, simple, or obvious, and it hasn’t been done yet, there’s a reason for it.

Just saying politely that there’s some changes happened recently in past 3-4 updates which is indirectly forcing players to invest a lil bit more time on this game… I mean, if we love & this game is interesting then, why devs doing such things? I am not talking about adding qw tickets in stores… This is one of the best thing ever happened in stores but, i’m talking about let’s say removing the option to visit the respective hard missions of those heroes which has 1080/1080 frags but, still not evolved to 10*.
If it was easy, simple etc from ages then suddenly it got removed from there after a post done it where someone posted a picture which was showiing not evolving them to 10* is a nice way to readily visit there missions for heronium farming after completing 1080/1080 frags , I understand there would a reason to remove that thing. I’m sure we’ll never know the answer & it’s not necessary to know everything… We’re playing a game just for enjoyment but, sometimes not answering gives a bad impression & players start doubting devs are making this game more inconvenient to invest more time & I accept I was used to be one of them.
English isn’t even my 3rd or 4th language but, i hope i was able to explain what I actually wanted to.
Thank you! : )

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