Saving Hero Teams

This idea has been in my head for a long time now, mainly because I want to play the game at a faster pace since I don’t have much time. (Also why poll updates are so hard to do). The idea originally came to mind in order to make Gauntlet a lot faster to play, but I later realized that maybe we can use this feature overall in the game.

Basically, it’s a feature where we can save hero teams and pick them out whenever we need them for some missions. If you want to save a PvP team that works for you, a player can save it and immediately pick the team that he/she formed. If you have a certain Bounty Team that works damage-wise, save it and pick out the team next time you want to attack.

Since there are 68 heroes (soon to be 69, and really soon going to be 100) there can be thousands of combinations to choose from, and for players to find their “perfect” combo and try to remember it can be pretty hard.

It’s fast, convenient, and helps players. Do I sound like an infomercial at this point?


Yeah, others have asked for this too. I like it.

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