Save your progress Reminder!


This is :sparkles: VERY IMPORTANT :sparkles:

All iOS players who have never connected their game account to either Game Center or Facebook, please do so as soon as possible.

Also for those who play via Android make sure you save your progress and account as well!

We plan to transfer the game to our infrastructure next week and only saving your account password may not be enough to restore your account progress afterwards! However, having your account linked to Game Center or Facebook will ensure that you will be able to regain access.

  1. Tap on Your Account on the top right corner
  2. Tap Login to connect to Apple Game Center or Google Play Games
  3. Tap Connect to link your game account with your Facebook account

Facebook disabled embedded browsers for security reasons, so you will need to have the Facebook app installed in order to log in.

Make sure your progress is safe and sound or Big Bad Kurtz will take it away!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Kurtz is not that bad… If all those dead accounts will finally be removed so that, some of those names can be used by others


Hey @GunSlinger, how does this work for alts that we might have? Do we link those to FB?

Or will problems arise if we link those to FB, but have our main account linked to FB?

My main is linked to both Gamecenter and FB, but I’m unsure about my alts.

I play the game on both platform IOS (my tablet) and Android (my phone) , i already link progress of my Game Center and Google play account to my Facebook account, Hope your transfer do not make any issue about my progress. i spent 4 years for this game

Your alts should already be connected to Game Center. I never lost them throughout the many times i switched phones or lost progress

Agreed, any accounts which haven’t been used in 2-3 years should be reset so that they can be used again

I’d rather say their names should be reset. Coming back after a couple years because the find the game again and losing your account still seems odd. The accounts are not the problem. The names being taken are


What if I don’t have the Facebook app but I’ve always had Facebook and Google Play connected for saving game progress?

If it works for other games it should work here. Gamecenter works too. I have both just in case

Bro! I didn’t play the game for past five days. I’m using ios. Today when I logged in all my game data is lost. Had almost 7 months game data with 92 heroes unlocked. Got totally disappointed. Shouldn’t we be informed in the game mail box regarding this thing?

Do you guys have any idea on how to bring back the data?

as stated on the discord server (since this has been talked about for a while now)

Deca has released a recent update. After updating the app some users gets a error screen with " This save belongs to a different install. Would you like to delete your install? All progress will be lost " Click on " yes " if you are 100% sure that you have backed up your HH account using Google play / game centre or fb. After clicking on " yes " it will bring you back to the beginner account screen. Click on the " player " icon on your top right screen and recover your account.

as long as you have the stuff backed up via game center and facebook, you can recover the account easy.

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