Save belongs to a different install?

I have the game installed on 1 device, so I don’t understand how the save can be for a different installation. How do I fix this? Does this mean all my saved data will be lost and I have to start over at level 1?

Is your account linked to Facebook or Gamecenter, etc? If so, you can begin a new account and then link that account to the same facebook/gamecenter. Once you do that, you’ll be able to freely switch between the two accounts whenever you like from the profile > accounts page.

If you’re not linked to any external service, you’ll have to get in contact with a dev. @Huginn is the one that helped me out with this same issue months ago, but luckily I was linked to FB so it was pretty painless.

Hope that helps.

@Papa_Marsh I have my account linked to Google & FB I was unaware of other places to link Hero Hunters. Android user…what are other options?

@JLee - If you’re linked to at least one of them, then you’re fine. Gamecenter is the iOS equivalent of what the Google Play account is on Android.

If you’re on Android, then the best thing you can do for account recovery is link it to both Facebook and your Google Play account. If you have both of those linked then you’re all set.

I don’t have my account linked through Facebook. Hopefully one of the devs will see this and will be able to help.

If you need support… contact Player Support! Nobody can help you on the forum, unfortunately.

Closing topic, as there’s nothing else to be said.