Account error

I’m locked out my account with this message

everytime I press no it keeps popping up I haven’t connected to Facebook yet and I’m scared to press yes what can I do to save my account I have sooo much stuff and I don’t want to start over

I had this happen to me and @Huginn (I think) helped me out! Let me see if I can find our conversation. Is your account linked to Google Play / Apple Gamecenter? I see that it isn’t linked to FB, which is a bummer. If it were, you could get right in.

OK, I found our conversation, but I don’t think it will be helpful to you since you’re not connected to Facebook.

Hopefully a dev can help you out here. I think that if you’re linked to Gamecenter/GPlay, then you can hit “YES” and create a new account - then once you connect THAT account to GC/GPlay, you’ll be able to switch between your old account and the new one freely.

At least that’s how it works when you’re linked to FB. Sorry, I don’t think I can be any more help than that.

Yea I wasn’t linked to anything because I thought it would send annoying messages to my Facebook friends like other games I’ve played in the past

For what it’s worth - it doesn’t. It’ll ask you to like HH on FB, but that’s about it. It doesn’t post anything as far as I know.

@Stephen_Primus - I pinged Huginn on Discord and linked this post. If he’s around, he should be able to help out.

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Thanks I hope it works out because I had at least 10 characters on hold and over 4million in cash and I didn’t do any of the pay to win stuff so I’m devastated

Account related stuff needs to go to the Support Desk, not through a developer directly. Tap the Support function within the game to create a ticket, or email your case to That’s the best way to get assistance.