Secret hero in pvp draft video?

In discord many players discussed who this hero was, whether it is a new hero coming soon, or a skin of certain hero.

So what’s your thought guys?

I am thinking that hero’s name could be Sisgan or Max haha

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I bet you money that’s a Biochem drone controller Hero. I mean look, he/she’s got the shoulder pads similar to Hivemind and Castellan.

Thing is though, is that a hockey mask he/she’s wearing?

It looks different to the silhouette leaked in the October patch poster.

I guess these 2 are the upcoming heroes?

It looks an Ifrit skin to me

Its not an Ifrit skin. In the video you can see both of them at the same time

That looks like a Halloween hivemind skin. But skins don’t change elements. At least so far. Maybe a new feature from the devs? Element changing skins?

Appears to be Ghoul.

Not ghoul, he is seen elsewhere in the video.

Let’s not forget this odd blacked out hero… Although, it could have just been a current hero with a bugged out portrait.

And a closer view (of nothing) lol…


New hero leaked: The shadow

It’s like Mokujin (tekken). You pick it, and it has random skills from different heroes. If it dies and revives, the skill set changes.

Now, seriously, it may be a placeholder for a WIP hero

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Just release the update already!

You know… Reading your comment had me looking at the picture again for comedic effect and I noticed something i hadn’t before.

“The shadow” is the only hero set to 6* gold +2 on a preset of 6* gold +1. Very odd. But, at the same time it still supports that it could just be a bug.

The other two unreleased heroes are also gold 2 (the Bio one depicted in this thread and the cibernetic-like energy one)

Maybe those 3 heroes were gold 2 in a pool of gold 1 heroes for us to find them easily. Like an intended sneak peek at future heroes

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For those who may have not seen him.

But I can’t argue with what you’ve stated, it’s very possible.

Is there any chance that the devs will released Min and her skin in the same update patch?

Ghoul’s posture is different to this

I know this is old, but I just want to say something
The energy hero has been released (Anvil)
The bio-chem hero is also likely to be released in future updates (November I guess?)

totally looks like a castellan skin

Castellan isn’t bio.

There was some Discord user who thought this secret hero is the developers variant of the samurai hero I suggested a few months back. I hope!