Sentrys skin glitch

i logged in after a month or so and saw sentry had a new skin, and i bought it and equipped it. and even tho the portrait showed a dark color my sentry was all white. he looked so dope! that was yesterday… and today i log in and he’s no longer white but some ugly green color. considering i’m the one who use to make posts about me hating skins cuz i didn’t download this game to play dress up but instead merc some fools, it’s ironic i’m bringing this up, but i likes sentry all white! he’s always been a fav hero cuz i can annoy ppl and stagger them non-stop when they’re trying to reload or trigger a skill. but anyone else have this glitch? and should we start a petition to change him back to all white? sound alt-right?!

The skins was supposed to be green, white was a glitch to ios, they patched it, it even said Uaf as they usually wear green armor and clothing. As the klg soldiers got uaf counterpart skins, it wouldn’t make sense to tey to petition it back

oh didn’t see the name… well let’s petition a new one, he looked like a stormtrooper… much more dope than that ugly puke green

what do you mean those are uaf colors tho? none of my uaf or uaf airbornes are those colors? even their skins aren’t those colors

I challenge you to make your next post a positive one.


As a betting man, I would put my kids college fund on it not being a positive one.

When this bug came up I totally thought it looked awesome too. That being said, I think the actual skin also looks good. I can’t make any promises but I would like to see a white sentry skin :slight_smile: