Skin suggestion

Hi hero hunters dev ,according to the histry of ( Kurtz lawgivers.) I propose the recomversion of some kurtz to the army .with a new skin ability to the beck bomb . The targeget person must be coupted and attack his allies for 10 secondes tnx

What? I don’t get what you are saying

I suggested a new ability and skin for beck
Bomb : the targeted person must be corupted and attack his allies for 10 second

At first i thought it meant give the kurtz troopers like sentry and kunoichi their alternate army uniforms from mission mode. Its probably a legendary beck skin idea. I kinda agree on that we need to change becks primary bomb, since in pvp, it (and beck) are useless. Although so little detail is given, its hardly even a thought.

Edit: It is a mind control explosion.

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